“Girls” Proved Friend Breakups Are Worse Than Real Breakups

Breakups are hard, but friendship breakups are even harder because unlike boys, friends are supposed to stick around forever.

Or at least that’s what girls are taught to believe since they’re young enough to actually have friendships that don’t just revolve around playing in the sandbox and drinking juice boxes.

But in reality, friendships are just like any other relationship – they have expiration dates and some of them end so spectacularly you never really get over them.

For a show that more or less revolves around toxic relationships, it’s miraculous it’s taken Girls this long to let two of its characters call it quits, but that’s what happened between Jessa and Hannah in last night’s episode.

And honestly, like most friendship breakups, it was a long time coming.

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After a season of having literally no contact whatsoever because Hannah’s still understandably pissed Jessa’s dating her ex-boyfriend, Jessa came over to Hannah’s apartment unannounced to have a heart to heart.

Stepping into Hannah’s apartment just enough so she can close the door, but not a step or two farther, Jessa tells Hannah how hurt she is that she had to find out from Adam that Hannah was pregnant.

“Regardless of everything that happened,” Jessa told Hannah, “you are still my dear friend.”

But Hannah wasn’t having it, rightly pointing out, “We haven’t acted like friends in a long time. In fact maybe not ever. I don’t think we ever acted like real friends.”

And she’s not wrong.

Dating your best friend’s ex even though she clearly has a problem with it is not something a real friend does.

Abandoning your best friend at your family’s country house and then literally ghosting her is not something a real friend does.

Coming over to your best friend’s house but then immediately making it all about you and your hurt feelings is not something a real friend does.

After Jessa and Hannah call each other psychopaths, Hannah calmly hits Jessa with the death blow: “I clearly didn’t tell you for a reason, which is I don’t care what you think. And I don’t care about your feelings because I don’t really care about you anymore, Jessa.”

And really, what else is there to say after that?

“So I’m just gonna leave here and you and I are gonna figure out some way we’ll never see each other again?” Jessa asks.

With tears brimming in her eyes, Hannah nods her head yes and Jessa quite literally closes the door on the friendship, possibly forever.

Even though it’s an easy decision for Hannah to make, breaking up with somebody you used to care deeply about, even if you haven’t felt deeply about them for a while, is never easy.

Nor is it ever simple.

But outgrowing people is a part of life and as much as it hurts to cut somebody out of your life who you thought would be your maid of honor one day, sometimes that person doesn’t give you any other choice.

Or sometimes, you don’t give yourself a choice.

Sometimes you’re the friend who’s acting so shitty you don’t give the other person a choice.

More than any other development this season, breaking up with Jessa is a sign that maybe Hannah is growing up after all.

Of course, this being a TV show in its final season, they’ll probably find a way to patch things up in the remaining four episodes, but still, for Hannah, this is a big step.

Took her long enough.

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