How to Get Colorful Hair Without the Damage or Commitment

The beginning of a new year seems to be a popular time to change up your look, and while some resolutions seem realistic, like vowing to remove your makeup before bed every night, some seem radical, like dying your hair the shocking hue of purple you’ve always wanted.

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But dying your hair, specifically if you’re going from dark to bright, means lots of damage. Not to mention that sometimes having a funky hair color isn’t the best look, if somewhere down the line you have to meet your boo’s parents or you get a new job as a paralegal.

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But what if there was a product that packed a badass dye job without a hangover-like regret six months later? Well, that’s where L’Oréal’s Colorista Semi Permanent Hair Color comes in.

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Some of your fave influencers like Sofia Jamora, Sahara Ray, and Kirsten Zellers have already tried the product, which contains no ammonia and generally fades after 4-10 shampoos.

This is unique, because permanent hair dyes usually rely on hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, which can seriously fuck up your hair. Plus, they lift your existing hair color, which means that you’ll probs have to keep dying your hair even after the color fades out.

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This seems like the perfect way to try out that color you’ve always wanted without ruining your hair or committing to a color that you might not like, doesn’t it?

Even better, it’s under $11.

Maybe it’s finally time to dye your hair blue and live like your fave beauty blogger? There’s no time like the present.

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