How to Get Voluminous Hair Without Looking Tragic

If you’ve clicked this story, chances are you’re like me: your hair is decently thin and you’re constantly stressing out about how flat it looks. You’ve tried product after product, and for some god forsaken reason, nothing is working.

But have no fear, because we have finally found a solution for getting the volume of your dreams! We talked to expert hair stylist Matt Fugate about how to get the volume you want using these Kérastase products from the Volumifique line without creating that frizzy Jersey/Texas look.

1. Rinse like you mean it

“Right out of the shower, rinse your conditioner really well,” Matt said. “If you skip that step, you’re setting yourself up for excess weight. A really good rinse before applying any product the will save you from that weight.”

2. Towel dry to get rid of moisture

Before you even think about blow-drying, you need to make sure there’s no extra moisture that could get locked in by the product.

“Make sure to towel dry really well if you have thick hair,” Matt continued, “or if your hair is really really porous, meaning it locks in moisture. If you have that kind of hair, you want to rid your hair of that moisture so the product doesn’t get diluted.”

3. Choose the right product for the look

One of our fave brands, Kérastase, offers a lot of options when is comes to achieving those looks.

“Styling really depends on which product you’re using the Volumifique line. If you’re using a mousse, start styling really quickly,” Matt advised. “That’s not a product you can put on, and then do your makeup, and then go back to your hair. You should style immediately.”

“If you’re using the mist, you have more freedom with that as far as time. This product is actually for strengthening the hair, not just making you hair swell like the mousse. If you have something caught up, the mist you can do from root to ends and then come back to it,” said Matt.  

5. Blow dry upside down

“The best way to blow-dry is to flip it upside down. That allows gravity to be your best friend,” Matt said. “Since we’re trying to avoid that Velcro roller look, you also don’t want [the hair] coming straight up, so you want that cool volume. What makes it cool is that it’s indirection volume. Flip and blast your roots.”

“You can always go back in depending on your style. You just don’t want it to look round, like the news anchor hair that looks like a helmet. A lot of your brush work should be sparse, and the brush should be activating the product through the roots,” according to Matt.

6. Avoid the flop

While added volume can be great, sometimes the results can be disastrous.

“You want to avoid the flop Christmas tree look where you can tell they teased it so much,” Matt said. “You definitely want to avoid being able to see through the hair. If you have to tease it at all, just do it very lightly and try to not spray it. Tease some, but then smooth hair over the top. A tease from the back, a smooth to the front, and then repeat so it doesn’t end up looking floppy.”

7. Sticky products are a no no

“Avoid really sticky products. Anything that says extra firm or freeze holding. The stickier your hair, the second you run your fingers through it, you’re essentially clumping it and pulling the life,” Matt said. “I’d recommend V.I.P., it’s a volumizing spray. You can blast that through your hair, and it’s going to give you more flexibility.”

8. Be conscientious of brushing

“If you’re going to use a brush, be mindful of how fine your hair is. If it’s really fine, and you pull it, you’re pulling life out,” Matt said. 

“If I start brushing, I am stretching out the hair,” Matt told us. “Sometimes, hair needs to be shaped into more of a voluminous look. Knowing how to use the products will keep you from having the newscaster look by not making it looks to round.”

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