Kirsten Zellers on How She Maintains Her Amazing Mermaid Mane

Most people think that having long, naturally thick hair is a gift. And… well, yeah. It pretty much is.

But even if you have naturally mermaid-y hair, there are still a few tips and tricks for keeping your hair extra, extra enviable.

Kirsten Zellers has one of the most most gorgeous heads of hair on Instagram, and basically the world. So we asked her for some of her best hair tips.

What are all the products you are using now?

Purple shampoo: A must for all blondes to combat brassiness! The more vibrant the violet in the shampoo the more yellow it will take out. I use Clairol Shimmer lights purple shampoo – it is reasonably priced and does the job. I’ll shampoo my hair with it once a week and leave it on for 5ish minutes, although if you leave it on for longer it can turn your hair purple (which I’ll admit I do on purpose sometimes!)

Hair masks: I am obsessed with hair masks. The combination of long bleached hair and the inevitable winter dryness means hair masks are a necessity for me. I put on a hair mask (I like to use natural masks like Oh Hello Hair) the night before I shower, making sure to focus on the ends because they are the driest part, and then just shampoo it like normal the next day! It adds tons of moisture and shine to your hair, so who wouldn’t want that!

Coconut oil: Since I only shampoo every five or so days, I like to put some coconut oil on the ends of my hair at night before I go to bed to make it shiny the next day. Just make sure not to use too much – it can make your hair look super greasy (speaking from experience….)

Leave in treatments: After I shower I use Infusium b5 treatment on my hair directly after I shower to detangle and strengthen my hair and then use a deep leave-in conditioner on the ends.


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What are some secrets for keeping it so nice?

Remembering to use oils on it every day. The longer your hair the and the longer you go in between shampoos means that the ends get so dry and brittle so it is important to put oils back into the hair.

Are you still shampooing every five days?

YES! I live by my five day rule. I think it’s important not to overwash your hair so that the natural oils are able to keep your hair moisturized and also so that your color stays fresh for longer! Sometimes I even stretch it out longer too because no one knows the difference between five day hair and seventh day hair, right?

Where do you learn new hair tips?

Youtube and blogs. I get lost in the youtube vortex of continually clicking on suggested videos at least once a day…

Do you dye it yourself or do you get it done professionally? Have you ever tried doing it yourself?

I have only dyed it myself (aka I try to do it myself and end up bribing my boyfriend into helping….)!

How do you maintain the texture — curling iron or is it just natural?

I try not to put too much heat on my hair because I don’t want to damage it any more than I need to, but when I want more texture I will curl it using a wand and it will stay for five whole days until I shampoo it again!

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What’s the secret for natural-looking waves?

Always run your fingers through your curls after you are done. It makes them look so much softer and more natural!

How do you keep your arms from getting tired when braiding (lol)?

Only do side braids! The pain is so real when doing a braid where your arms are up in the air, but I like to use it as my excuse to skip the arm workout for the rest of the day (or week…)

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