How to Get Over Your Ex: A Real-Life Guide That Actually Works

Breakups suck and getting over people is hard, but you can do it if you stick to the handy guide below.

1. Block him on all social media.

This isn’t to be petty. It’s because if not, you’ll creep on his stuff daily, and it will break you even more when he follows a girl you don’t like. You won’t stop stalking him to see who likes his pictures and who favorites his tweets.

I promise he’s not faving @PoemsPorn’s tweets about how he can’t breathe without your air. #SORZ. Just don’t look.

2. Block his number dude.

99% of you won’t do this, but it’s so important. I know this is the hardest but it’s for you. You will get drunk and try to text him. Or you’ll make up every excuse to text him. “Hey lol it’s me you left this receipt in my car and there’s a BOGO Big Mac coupon on the back j wondering if you needed it!!!!!!” No. If he needs to get in contact with you there are ways, I promise.

3. Make an album on your phone called When You’re Sad as Shit.

This sounds dumb, but you sound even more dumb crying over a douchebag who’s over you.

Fill the album with pictures of girls that you worried about in your relationship, girls he’s probably gonna try to sleep with, ugly pics of him, and pics of hotter guys who you could fuck in the future. Also put screenshots of messages from him that made you cry for no reason, or that time he liked a girl’s bikini selfie and you cried about it for hours bc #life.

4. Stay off your phone.

You’ll only be sad that you aren’t texting him if you’re constantly checking your messages and noticing there’s not one from him. Self explanatory.


Distract yourself from sadness. Text 100 guys and say hey if you have to. That kinda contradicts the no phone thing but this is an exception if needed. Whatever. Force yourself to do at least one thing everyday besides school and work. Go to the animal shelter, go to Target, go on a run. Anything. It also helps if you do it with someone. Seriously, I promise, puppies are great distracters.

6. Smile.

If you’re crying look in the mirror and force yourself to smile for 10 seconds. Chances are you’ll end up laughing because you look dumb cry smiling, but for some reason it helps.

7. Change up your look.

Get some highlights, get a new piercing, try some new makeup, wear something he wouldn’t like. Do whatever it takes to be feeling yourself. Confidence is keyyyyyy!

8. Let it out.

No matter how hard you try, you’re going to hurt. But honestly say this out loud. It’s dumb but it works. “I am heartbroken. I am hurting. I have hurt before, and I will not hurt again. I control my own happiness.”

Time is the only thing that truly heals a broken heart. The key is to distract yourself from the pain while you’re waiting for it to leave. You are STRONG.

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