Get a “MAJOR” Surprise With Majorlilkween Fabulous New Video/Single

Model, performer, and singer Majorlilkween is ready to release a fabulous and fierce new single/video. Rapping about her ambitions as a businesswoman, she embodies who she is as an artist. The word “Major” has always played an important role in her work, and now she’s turning it into her brand. Success is the only acceptable outcome for her. 


Majorlilkween’s hyperfeminine style blends pop and rap, creating a sound that is reminiscent of Nicki Minaj. Both artists share the same unapologetic attitude and commitment to empowering women through music. Majorlilkween’s lyrics are simple but impossible to resist. With catchy hooks and memorable verses, she sends a message loud and clear: 2024 belongs to women. “MAJOR” showcases her boldness and determination. The song is a reflection of her ambitious personality and her refusal to settle for anything less than what she deserves. She is unafraid to speak her mind and assert her dominance using her music, she is breaking barriers and challenging societal norms.

The music video for “MAJOR” showcases the artist’s fierce and confident persona in a highly stylized and instantly-iconic setting. As the ‘female Wolf of Wall Street’, Majorlilkween embodies the role of CEO at ‘Everything Major Enterprises’, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit through two businesses she established this year: A Major Production and Nail Set by Major. The video presents a world where women hold power and influence, with Majorlilkween at the forefront. Through her dynamic performance and strong presence, she asserts herself as a major force to be reckoned with in this female-dominated realm.

“It will be a nice introduction of what’s to come 2024, tying everything I worked on over the past year together, really pushing the “Major” brand forward.” – Majorlilkween about the music video for “MAJOR”.

Majorlilkween’s video for “MAJOR” is accompanied by a visually stunning visualizer, adding an extra dimension to the overall experience. Shot at the prestigious Versace Mansion in Miami, the video centers around Gianni’s opulent bedroom as its main stage, with additional scenes captured in other parts of the luxurious mansion using a vintage 90s camcorder, the video cleverly combines elements from the classic Snow White fairy tale. However, it takes a modern twist as Majorlilkween replaces the traditional evil queen with a male character. The iconic poison apple is also replaced with an apple martini, adding an extra touch of creativity to the concept. Visually drawing inspiration from legendary artist Elton John, the video incorporates contemporary visual effects that add a fresh and vibrant feel. Each frame is meticulously crafted, paying attention to even the smallest details and seamlessly blending nostalgia with current trends. With meticulous attention to detail and nods to both nostalgia and current trends, Majorlilkween once again proves her talent as an innovative artist in this standout piece within her repertoire.

“I wanted all the main scenes to represent an iconic/recognizable moment from the fairy tale. The man is the evil queen, giving Snow White an apple martini. She becomes intoxicated, visualizing her life free from the man with just her friends (7 dwarfs aka 7 models) partying it up in the mansion. The man is obsessed with the idea of having Snow White so he starts seeing her instead of his own reflection, which represents the ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ moment. The man tries to inappropriately touch Snow White, and she snaps out of her Apple Martini daydream, ditches him, and goes on to live her best life.” – Majorlilkween about the visualizer for “MAJOR”.

Rap has often been seen as a male-dominated space. However, Majorlilkween is here to challenge that notion and prove that women have a rightful place in rap music. Through her dedication, she is setting a new standard for female artists in rap. Her raw energy and undeniable charisma make her a force to be reckoned with.

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