Galore’s Real-Life Valentine Studs: Konrad, Founder of Frameri

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. We could be interviewing celebrities, Instagram models, and other guys whose PR teams would restrict half of their answers, but we went a different route.

After all, wouldn’t you rather hear what real guys think about sex? As in, guys who you might actually have a shot at matching with on Tinder this weekend or running into at the bar on February 14th with the other drunk singles.

We’re counting down a new sexy dude every day until Valentine’s Day, and today’s V-Day crush is Konrad.

Konrad, 29, lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He the founder and CEO of Frameri, the first maker of interchangeable, prescription eyewear for men and women. Konrad spends his free time adventuring and playing the banjo. This year, he intends on earning his pilot’s license, packing a single bag and exploring all the corners the world.

What is the one thing that will make you fall for a girl?

I love a witty, intelligent woman. Above all, she has to be smart.

Finish this sentence: I could never date someone who was a fan of ______

Donald Trump.

What’s a common misconception girls seem to make about you?

I think they assume that I’m a lot cooler than I am. I’m just a dude having a good time.

What’s the craziest thing a girl has ever asked you for in bed?

I’m usually the one with the crazy ideas.

What’s something girls need to know about dating a guy who runs his own company?

You will not get all of his attention. His company will be a big priority. If you are independent and driven, I don’t see this becoming an issue.

Describe your type in 3 words.

Intelligent, driven, passionate.

Describe what type you are in 3 words.

Passionate, dreamer, freethinker.

What do all your exes have in common?

I’m still friends with all (except one) of my exes. I think they’re all pretty cool ladies.

What type of person hits on you the most?

Oddly enough, women who wear glasses. They’re my favorite people though, so it works out nicely.

What do you want for Valentine’s Day?

I’ve got a pretty great V-Day planned. We’re heading to the observatory to check out the stars, so hopefully that goes well. Also, I would like a puppy.

Do you think V-Day is overrated?

I’m completely on board for more holidays. There’s nothing better than a good reason to have a fun time.

What’s your most memorable V-Day, good or bad?

I liked Valentine’s Day in elementary school most. My mom used to buy me flowers to give to my crushes, so basically mom for the win.

What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?

I once took a girl out to dinner and she had the most custom order I had ever heard and proceeded to argue with the waiter and staff. I’m a pretty laid back guy, so that was our last date.

What’s the lamest pick up line you’ve ever used?

Sometimes I’ll pretend like I’m doing a magic trick with a coin. To be clear – I do not know how to perform magic. I make it up on the fly; it usually gets a laugh.

What’s the best way that a girl can apologize to her dude after she messes up?

Immediately. Communication is numero uno. We all mess up, and shit happens, just apologize and move on.

What’s your Netflix and chill go-to?

Definitely Rick and Morty. If she likes Rick and Morty, you’ve found yourself a winner. If they can deal with NOVA Science documentaries, I’ll at least keep them around for a second date.

What’s your favorite candy?

Any kind of dark chocolate.

What do a guy’s glasses say about him?

They say whatever he wants to say about himself. Whether that is fun, sophisticated, intelligent, edgy; the list continues.

What’s the most romantic place you’ve ever been?

I’m a big fan of Italy. I’d love to take someone to Sorrento and explore Capri.

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