17 Girls Reveal the Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts They’ve Ever Received

Having a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day might sound ideal, but when you’re sitting outside a Olive Garden holding a stuffed mole rat from Build-a-Bear, you might start missing the single life.

We all know that when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. But some gifts can send a pretty clear message that he’s not thinking all that much about anyone but himself. So for the ladies who have been stuck with crappy gifts that made them question their relationships — and for the guys researching what not to get this V-Day — we assembled a list of 17 of the worst Valentine’s Day gifts we’ve ever heard of.

1. Throw it back:

“When I was a junior in high school, I was super crazy about this guy who was a massive stoner. I had to give myself a reality check after one Valentine’s Day when he presented me with a gift-wrapped present the size of a Furby. I unwrapped it and it was a 12-inch-tall wax frog with a fishing pole. Not only that, but it was kiwi-strawberry-scented. It was a wax fisherman-frog air freshener. Later that night when I got home and showed my mom, she just shook her head. It made me wonder if in addition to his daily weed habit he’d also been tripping on mushrooms or something. We broke up a little while later.”

2. Better late than never:

“I dated a guy for three years. The first time he bought me roses was on Valentine’s Day the third year. When I exclaimed how excited I was, he said, ‘Yeah, they were almost free on clearance.’ I then noticed they were also almost dead.”

3. Hybrid candy:

A Rice Krispies treat shaped like a Hershey’s kiss. We were dating for a year…”

4. R.I.P. birth control boobs:

“I got a beautiful bustier for Valentine’s Day, but when I went off of birth control my boobs shrunk an entire cup size and now I can’t fill it out or wear it at all. That bustier now reminds me of how I miss my boobs and NOT my ex :)”

5. Never date a hockey fan:

“One year I got a New Jersey Devils T-shirt. I have never watched hockey or remotely seemed interested in it. My ex got it for me because he is obsessed with the Devils. Who does that?!”

6. The bitter poet:

“My ex-boyfriend once wrote me a poem about how the Valentine’s Day card sucks more than I do. But he added a winky face to the end of it to make it okay.”

7. Self-service:

“My ex-boyfriend got me a dildo and told me we were done.”

8. Social media surprise:

“The boy I was talking to tweeted that he surprised his crush and woke up early to put roses and Dunkin’ Donuts on her car. I walked outside and found it wasn’t me.”

9. Not even Claire’s?

Earrings from Icing… It’s the thought that counts.”

10. Great bargain:

“My college boyfriend gave me diamond earrings, which was fine. They were so small they were almost microscopic, which was also fine because we were both broke college students. But then when I thanked him, he just had to blurt out, “I got them on Overstock.com. Great deal.” What a boner killer. Guys reading this, please don’t use the phrases ‘overstock.com’ or ‘great deal’ on Valentine’s Day unless you want to get smacked in the face with your discount flower bouquet.”

11. Cruddy cuddles:

“I got a body pillow last year and the pillow case came with weird brown stains on it? My boyfriend sucked.”

12. Hope the dinner was good:

“My ex cooked me Valentine’s Day dinner in his frat house and his roommate sat and played Call of Duty while we ate. My boyfriend’s excuse for not being able to take me out was that he didn’t have any money, but when I asked who bought the new Call of Duty game, he said it was a Valentine’s Day gift to himself.”

13. Going Dutch:

“My high school boyfriend took me out to dinner and then asked me to pay for myself when the bill came.

14. Pretend it’s vintage:

“I got a rhinestone dolphin necklace from my boyfriend senior year of high school. I had to wear it for a few weeks to be nice… social suicide.”

15. Great excuse:

“I got fake roses once because he said, ‘They will last forever.’ Needless to say, our relationship didn’t.”

16. Pizza rat:

“Last year I was promised a V-Day brunch and instead my guy got wasted on Friday night and didn’t wake up until 2 p.m. He never mentioned rescheduling dinner or tried to see me even though we Snapchatted and texted all day, so I ordered pizza for dinner and watched chick flicks and cried a little bit. Then, at like 10, he asked me to come over for dinner ’cause he ordered a pizza for dinner and I told him no because I already ate pizza. He then got mad at me because it was a heart-shaped pizza and I ‘ruined the surprise.'”

17. Call the cops:

” A secret admirer left a shoelace wrapped around a teddy bear drenched in cologne and a note that said, ‘I know you’ll never like me…’ outside my door. I never found out who it was…”

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