Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Was Better When We Were 6

Okay, we didn’t get to have sex on Valentine’s Day as children, I’ll give you that. But other than that major detail, we wanna go back to when Valentine’s Day was a holiday for everyone, not just those that are wifed up.

1. Everyone was your valentine


We were all in this shit together! Yeah we could pay extra special attention to the Scooby Doo Valentine we received from our crush himself, but regardless of if he actually liked you, you were gonna get one and pretend.

2. Chocolate is always the best gift


Sure, maybe some chicks are getting Tiffany’s (how original…), build-a-bears with their boyfriend’s voice in it (have fun with that when you guys break up), or flowers (that shit will die quicker than your relationship), but we all know chocolate is the best gift because no matter what happens to the person who gave it to you, that shit is still delicious.

3. No stupid social media posts


Just do yourself a favor and don’t log into social media on Valentine’s Day. Think #mcm times a thousand. Nobody cares what your boyfriend bought you, how much you love him (didn’t you start dating last week?), or- better yet- how you’re SOOO happy to be single that you wrote a 500 word status on how you don’t need a man on Valentine’s Day.

4. Even your parents loved you


Once upon a time, even our parents gave us cute little Valentine’s Gifts (perhaps teddy bears at our seats at breakfast?). Now, we’re lucky if our parents even give us shit on our birthday.. and then again, do we really want the only people giving us Valentine’s gifts to be our parents anyways? Probably not..

5. It was practically a holiday!


Single or not, it would be pretty dope if we got school/work off for V-day (although I believe it is on a Saturday this year). Although we never technically got school off for Valentine’s Day, we all know the day was basically one big party until the treacherous high school days. How hard can a school day be when you’re getting candy every period?

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