All The Proof You Need That Yes, Donald Trump Is The Kim Kardashian Of Politics

I know I know, you’re sick of hearing about Donald Trump, but you know what?  Life’s not fair.  

This morning, Republican Presidential nominee Carly Fiorina tweeted something that was part genius and part troll fodder. 

Obviously comparing your opponent to one of the most famous and polarizing women in the world is a sure-fire way to make sure all the blogs run stories on you throughout the day, but you have to give it to Car Car, bitch makes a point.   

While there are definitely a few differences between Donald Trump and Kim Kardashian (i.e. she has a big butt and he’s the big butt of every joke), here are 5 examples of how they’re basically the same person. 

They’re both famous for being famous

To start with the words right out of Carly Fiorina’s mouth, er fingers, Donald Trump and Kim K are both famous for being famous.  While on the one hand that’s absolutely the nicest way I’ve ever heard somebody explain why Kim Kardashian is famous, on the other hand it’s mostly true.  Basically at this point they’re both incredibly wealthy humans who turned themselves into walking brands by staring in their own reality television shows, ensuring they could forever live on as (reviled) cultural icons.

Whoever they are behind closed doors is irrelevant .  Whatever cause, political or otherwise, they throw themselves behind is irrelevant.  The only reason we will remember who both of them are for the rest of humanity’s existence is because they sold their souls to fame, and the rest of us ate it up at every turn.  All hail the modern American folklore heroes.

They’re often criticized for their physical appearance

For Donald Trump, it’s his combover.  For Kim, it’s everything from her butt to her decision to wear latex while pregnant.  In some ways it’s worse for Kim because she’s a woman, but in other ways it’s worse for the Donald because he’s actually the worst.

They’ve both been accused of destroying America

Since 2011 websites ranging from the prestigious (CNN) to the unknown (Looper) have blamed Kim Kardashian and her family for murdering the American dream and making us care about trivial things instead of massive world problems.  This year just about every website has pointed out that the support for the Donald and his presidential platforms of building a wall between the US and Mexico and refusing to let Muslins enter the country unless they’re famous/athletes also says something not so good about the political ideology of some Americans.  

Clearly, both Kim and Donald’s MO’s are equally dangerous and need to be stopped immediately.

People like to talk about the stupid things they say

Sample headlines include: “33 Things Kim Kardashian Has 100% Actually Said” and The 16 Worst Donald Trump Quotes Are All The Evidence You Need That He’ll Never (And Shouldn’t) Be President.”  Incidentally, both of those headlines sound pretty stupid.  Further proof that Donald and Kim are ruining America (or at least American journalism).  

They both have strong opinions on Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump thinks she won’t become president (and may risk getting schlonged again), and Kim Kardashian loves hearing about her goals for our country and is totally rooting for her.  

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