This Proves You Should Never Follow Someone On Instagram After a First Date

There was once a time when immediately after meeting someone, they’d send you a friend request on Facebook.

Today, nobody really gives a fuck about Facebook. But maybe when you meet a cute guy you’ll be tempted to ask him for his Instagram in the hopes that he posts some cute ass photos from the beach with his shirt off.

Here’s a tip: don’t.

Seriously, social media can wait. In fact, “42 percent of people who followed or friended their new significant other immediately after their first date lasted less than a month together, according to a new study released by What’s Your Price.”

This is kinda intense in two ways. First off, it’s intense that you really feel the need to follow someone after a first date, like, chill. Second off, it’s crazy that almost half of people’s relationships failed after they followed each other immediately.

But think about it, the good thing about a first date with someone is that you don’t know everything about them. You aren’t aware of the fact that they post douchey ass captions on their Instagram photos or that they tweet about “crooked Hillary.” Another thing is that they don’t know everything about you yet. Having a bit of mystery is part of the game, and as much as it sucks, it’s very real.

Moreover, you’re probs going to be stalking bae enough once you actually start dating him, so why ruin it by starting to stalk him immediately after the first date? You’re going to drive yourself crazy wondering why he’s posting a Snapchat story and not texting you back, or if that girl he just posted a selfie with on Instagram is his cousin or competition.

Dating with technology can be rough, but only if you make it more rough on yourself. Take advantage of the benefits when it comes to dating, like the fact that you can find a hottie on Tinder five minutes after dumping your ex. But when you’re starting a new fling, enjoy what’s happening IRL rather than contemplating when he’s going to make it Facebook official. Not only will it make your relationship better, it’ll make your life better!

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