Draper Premieres ‘Home’ Music Video & Talks His Best Date Ever

What better way to celebrate thirsty Thursday than with a sexy DJ?

UK-based James Draper, otherwise known as Draper, released his song ‘Home’ last month and we have the official video to go along with it. When Draper’s not working on music solo, he’s collaborating with Lapsley, touring with Rita Ora, or perhaps he’s chowing on some Peruvian chicken at the UK based chain Nando’s.

Check out the video for “Home” below, and see what Draper had to say to us about his dream date, American girls, and what you should flash to get his attention.

Do you think that home is a place or a person? Or something else?

Home is whatever/wherever makes you feel like home. For me home is where my computer is because my life is writing music and I’m lost without it.

What does this music represent for you personally?

For me it’s connecting with a person who gets you on a deep level.
You worked on Lapsley’s last album with her, what was that like?

She’s great, energy and creativity to the brim.
You’re from the UK, what’s the best thing about American girls? 

American girls are great because most love a British accent so I have an advantage over there.

How can a girl get your attention from the DJ booth?
Flash her personality.
What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?

Nando’s and FIFA.

Could you ever date someone who wasn’t into the same music as you?
Definitely, opposites attract right?
What song should Galore add to our sex playlist?
“Home” by Draper.

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