7 Things To Know Before Dating a British Guy

1. They’re Surprised We’ve Escaped Death

We all know that our police force hasn’t exactly been model citizens lately, and clearly the word has spread overseas. When I was casually telling a guy about getting arrested in high school for underage drinking, he seemed genuinely shocked that I had made it out alive unwounded.

3. Pants = Panties

As Americans we like to think we know a slew of British slang, but we really don’t. Londoners don’t use the term “pants” unless they’re talking about their undergarments. It’s important to know this before you tell your new boo that you’re rocking some sexy new pants to the club.

4. They Know Their Accents Make Us Wet

You know when you think you’re discreetly checking out your barista and he totally calls you out? Yeah, clearly if there’s one thing we suck at, it’s being secretive in our lusting. British dudes totally know that their accent makes our lady boners hard, and they will fully take advantage of it. If you’re ever being swindled by a cheeky British dude, just remember that they’re probably the same old sh*thead guys, except instead of wanting to get in your pants, they fancy getting in your trousers.

5. They’re Insanely Jealous of Our College Parties

One of the questions I got asked the most (specifically by young 20-something year olds who clearly miss the glory days), was about American college parties. “Are they really like the movies?” Boys would eagerly ask, probably fantasizing about drunk sorority girls while images of Van Wilder danced in their head. I would humor them and tell them that yes, they really are like the movies, which ensued even more jealousy.

6. Fraternities Fascinate Them

In conjunction with the college party fascination, they have lots of questions about fraternities. Where do they get the money for their huge houses? Do they really make pledges do those horrid things? Are they all complete douchebags?

7. They Really Are Gentlemen

Don’t be surprised if a British guy doesn’t try to steal a kiss on the first date. It doesn’t mean that he’s not into you, he just might think you’re a classy lady (even though you’re probably not). Unlike American dudes that think buying you dinner warrants a blowjob, British guys actually are somewhat respectable when it comes to sexual expectations.

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