Everyone’s Favorite Poser Avril Lavigne Is Now Going Country

Call her a poser if you will, but Avril was the idol of every wannabe riot girl under 12 in 2002.

Two days ago, Avril announced that she signed with BMG music to release her sixth studio album.

Okay, you probably didn’t know she had six albums, I didn’t either. But if you’re hoping that Avril is attempting to ride the wave of 2017’s emo comeback, I have some sad news for you.

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Avril’s new album will actually be going way back to her church roots, and potentially skipping the whole sk8er boi phase that we all loved her for.

She told Billboard that on the new album she would be “going back to [her] roots a little bit,” and noted that she got her start in church and country fairs.

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UHM, country fairs? Doesn’t sound like the prime spot to rock backwards caps and be complicated?!

Okay, while we’re a little disappointed in the direction that this Avril album seems to be going, I guess it’s cool that she’s doing more than defending her estranged husband, Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger, against haters.

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