Even Martin Luther King’s Daughter Roasted Kendall’s Pepsi Ad

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past 24 hours, you would know that Kendall Jenner’s new Pepsi commercial caused some serious uproar. So much that Pepsi ended up scrubbing the ad campaign from the internet.

What was everyone so mad about? Oh, just that Pepsi made a mockery of every social justice movement ever to exist.

There were a lot of cringeworthy moments. But probably the worst was when Kendall handed a cop a Pepsi can — and it looked way too similar to an image that went viral earlier this year and depicted an actual Black Lives Matter protestor.

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And with controversy comes hilarious, shade-filled memes taking over. Because why would Pepsi think they would get away with just a slap on wrist? Uh no, no honey, not if social media is still alive and well today. And there are memes and shade coming left and right.

But there was one person who weighed in that definitely came unexpected.

The daughter of the legendary social activist leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Bernice King, gave the ultimate shade when she tweeted this:


Giving the heavy status of who she’s kin to, it put a little extra sting to it.

But come on Pepsi, did you really think “oh, let’s end the commercial with her giving a can of Pepsi to the police officer so it can solve all problems” was a great idea!

And when you have the daughter of King roasting you, you know this won’t be a forgive and forget type situation. I wonder how Pepsi plans to come back from this.

One thing’s for sure, Coke has the upper hand now.

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