Erotica is found in the most unexpected places…or is it?

We don’t always think of porn and erotica as the same – perhaps for good reason – but they do share a common origin and now, a common home. The company YouPorn is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Erotica category with an array of erotic fiction pieces by highly celebrated international authors. YouPorn announced its “Featured Authors” page this week – a curated space for fans to dig into works by a diverse set of authors. The collection spans a wide spectrum: from comedian, Orange Is the New Black veteran and Butch icon Lea DeLaria; to fashion designer and RHONY break-out favorite Leah McSweeney; Queer podcast star Fran Tirado; publisher, and media mogul Judith Regan; poet Precious Okoyomon; queer and trans art collective Papi Juice, and erotica literary collective Aurore. There is even an exclusive entry from the Secret Journal of Russian Romanticist Alexander Pushkin.

Leah McSweeney

Many of the works center on sex and love in the era of COVID (obviously not Pushkin’s!), from McSweeney’s tale of a virtual love affair with an age gap, “Covid Head,” to Papi Juice’s detailing of post-pandemic sexual encounters in “Ali & Hector,” to Okoyomon’s “Love in the Time of COVID-19.” Like the surge in porn-watching in the early months of lockdown, these writers demonstrate the need for creative sexual discourse in the months following our isolation en masse. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say the “stifled horniness” that Papi Juice write about has affected us all. 

Papi Juice

Another exciting element of YouPorn’s Erotica category is a series of stories written by the brand’s Digital Ambassador, Jedy Vales. Vales is YouPorn’s very own Lil Miquela, a 24-year-old influencer who “lives in LA,” is a Leo, and now an author of erotic fiction. The Jedy Vales tetralogy, “Computer-Generated Erotica #1, 2, 3, 4,” make her the first Digital Ambassador to pen erotica using AI technology. “Erotica is no stranger to virtual worlds and sci-fi scenarios which perfectly suits my interests and reality. I can’t wait to surprise users with a whole new kind of sexual experience, without the limitation of a camera and film crew and gravity.” said Vales.

In addition to the curated works on the Featured Authors page, YouPorn has a broader library of Erotica that has been collected since the soft launch of the category one year ago. Like video-sharing on the platform, YouPorn’s Erotica library is user-generated – and the brand encourages any and all to contribute, just so long as it follows their Terms of Service guidelines. All stories submitted to the site get peer-reviewed by the YouPorn content moderation team and must pass its compliance standards before appearing on the platform. Anyone interested in publishing on the site can submit their work by creating or logging in into their YouPorn account and following the upload process on the site. The hope is that the platform can foster a space for the Erotica community to grow and create inclusive and exciting content for the future of pornography. So get inspired and add your own titillating tale to the archive!

Lea Delaria

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