The New French President Is Married To His Former HS Teacher

You may not normally pay attention to French politics, but you may have had your eye on their current presidential race, which pitted a Trump-like candidate, Marine Le Pen, against Emmanuel Macron.

Thankfully, Macron won, but there is one semi-Trump like, sus thing about Macron: he’s married to his high school teacher.

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Granted, he’s 39 now, so it’s a little different, but it’s also not.

His wife, Brigitte Trogneux, now 64, was his drama teacher when he was 15.

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Yes, 15, like legit the age where only some guys have even gone through puberty.

Obviously, there’s no evidence that the current French president was romantically involved with Brigitte at the time she was his teacher. But the Daily Mail has a few sus claims, including a pretty pervy quote.

“Without doubt he wasn’t like the others,” Brigitte has allegedly said. “He was always with the teachers. He simply wasn’t an adolescent.”

Haven’t you heard pervy 20-something guys claim it’s okay to gawk at 14-year-old girls because they “don’t look 14”? Blech.

And for whatever reason, Emmanuel was already gung-ho about the relationship when he was just 17. “At the age of 17, Emmanuel said to me, ‘Whatever you do, I will marry you!'” Brigitte has said.

Also, throughout his last year of high school, he went to a different school but stayed in touch with Brigitte and the two of them would talk on the phone for hours.

Not to mention, The Cut reports that Macron had the lead role in the play that Trogneux was heading up. Favoritism, anyone?

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Macron has been quoted as saying, “Nobody would call it unusual if the age difference was reversed,” and considering Trump and Melania’s age difference, you could say he has a point. But the thing is, Trump was never Melania’s teacher, and he didn’t even know her when she was 15, as far as we know — let alone being in a position of authority over her as a teacher would be.

Oh well, I guess there’s nothing that can be done now. But, now you know. Kind of not chill, but chiller than having another psycho wannabe dictator as a world leader, I guess.

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