Wetting Your Beauty Blender Before You Use it Can Save You $

When it comes to makeup, some of us are team BeautyBlender, some of us swear by brushes, and some of us go au naturale and use our fingers.

If you’re not pro-BeautyBlender, your argument is probably that it wastes too much makeup, or that it gets dirty too quickly.

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Well, neither of those things need to be true. Both of those predicaments can be avoided if you just wet your BeautyBlender before you use it.

In an Instagram post they put up a few days ago, BeautyBlender reminded their fans that you should always wet your beauty blender before using it, that way none of your makeup gets absorbed into the sponge instead of going on your face.

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Sarah Kinonen also pointed out in her piece for Allure that doing this will keep away any nasty bacteria that could grow in your makeup applicator, be it a BeautyBlender or not.

If we knew all we had to do was wet our BeautyBlender to save makeup and money, we would’ve been doing this the whole time! Now you know.

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