If a Dude Uses These Excuses For Not Answering Your Text, He’s Probs Lying

There’s a reason why lots of girls refuse to ever text a guy first. Because if he doesn’t respond, you kind of feel like an idiot.

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But sometimes even if a guy texts you first, he’ll randomly stop responding and then hit you back hours or days later saying some shit about how his phone died.

The question is, do you believe him? Or do you automatically assume he was scheming on other girls and forgot about you?

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Well, there are certainly some times when phones die and service is lost, but a lot of the time it’s an easy excuse to use when a dude wants to curb you.

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In fact, in a recent study done by Kaizen Search on white lies, they found that 41% of people admitted to lying about running out of battery. And even more people, 44% to be exact, lied about not having signal.

Translation: if the dude your texting “conveniently” runs out of battery every weekend night that he’s out, he’s either really bad at charging his phone or he’s only into you during the weekdays. Good luck figuring out which!

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