What Guys Wish They Could Ask The Girls Who Ghosted Them

Getting ghosted can make you sad, angry, or plain ol’ confused as fuck. But more often than not, it makes you wonder why.

In a perfect world, you’d walk right up to the ghoster, ask them WTF they were thinking, and move on with your life peacefully. But due to social cues, we usually don’t do that unless we want to look like a weirdo.

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But that’s why we have our friends to vent to, or for guys on Reddit, rando bros on the internet. Reddit user Dtrius started a thread entitled, What are some things that you wish you can ask women who ghosted you? And guys had some feelings.

Some guys were low-key (high-key) pissed, like user somethininside.

“What was it about me that turned you off? Were you afraid to let me know that things were going to work out? I’m a nice guy I wasn’t going to be angry about it. I was hung up over you for days until I just gave up after seeing no reply.”

Why does it feel like if you have to say that you’re a nice guy, you’re the type of guy who would send a barrage of texts telling a chick she was “ugly anyway?”

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Other guys think pretty much the same way that girls do when we get ghosted, like users blue_concrete and aboutcheese:

“What did I say wrong? Were you only talking to me to be nice? Can I see the guy that got your attention instead so I could compare myself to him?”

“You could have just told you me you weren’t interested so I didn’t have to keep thinking about you for a long time.”

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Some dudes play true to the stereotype of only caring about one thing:

“can I still get that pussy or nah”- fuckthislifeee

“Sup m8 u still down 2 fuk????????” – HaloCake11

And other bros become bitter af about it. I mean, shit, love hurts, but wishing death upon the chick who ghosted you is probs the reason why you’re not in a relationship in the first place. Just a thought.

“A woman I was talking to did that to me Saturday.. Bought up doing something and we talked about it a day ago and she just stopped responding and yet still goes onto the site so its pretty clear she’s done with ME after everything went well.

Oh well.. Not into smokers anyway and she was coughing a lot while on the phone so meh and hope she gets the cancer. Even messaged her asking if she wasn’t interested why not just tell me but no reply.” – BettyBlueGT

Also, we’re pretty sure getting ignored on a dating site doesn’t count as ghosting?

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And, alas, the kicker. This response might sort of be a joke. But hey, sometimes the “you don’t know what you’re missing out on” beat works if you fake it until you make it.

“Are you always this intent on missing out on the best things that life has to offer or were you just unaware of how much better your life would’ve been if you’d responded to my text?” – RevengeofKingDiccolo

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