Guys Tell Us How Girls Successfully Made The First Move on Them

Sometimes you can’t sit around waiting for what you want.

While generally we prefer applying to “go get it” attitude to jobs or money, there are also a few occasions where you can also apply it to your love life.

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Traditional gender roles have taught us we’re supposed to wait for dudes to make the first move. Not only is that bullshit, it also means that we don’t all know exactly how to make a first move.

Don’t stress, almost any guy would be hyped to get hit on by a girl. But just in case you need some extra inspo, we asked dudes how girls have successfully hit on them. All names have been changed.

If you’re not totally comfortable being straight up, finding an “excuse” to hang with a dude is a good bet to figure out if he’s down or not. Blake, 23, told us about a time where a girl used her “bad wi-fi” as an excuse to Netflix and chill.

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When Blake was out one night, he noticed a friend of a friend was “all smiles at him.”

“We talked a bit, but I made no move, then the next night she Facebook messages me about how she wants to watch Netflix but the wifi in her apartment is too slow,” he says. “Obviously that led to a Netflix and chill sesh.”

You can also go buck-wild and just go in for the kiss… as long as the vibe is right. You don’t want to pull the creepy dude move where you just go in for it out of nowhere, am I right?

“We were friends hanging out at her apartment,” explains Marshall, 24. “She slowly moved over to the couch and when we sit down, it takes a total of two minutes of talking before she jumps on me.”

Was he freaked out? Definitely not.

“It was surprising and kind of awesome,” he says. “I wasn’t used to an aggressive girl like that.”

All in all, confidence is key. If you remember that you’re a bad bitch and know a guy is feeling you, just be straight up.

Ian, 21, remembers a time when a friend of his walked up to him at the bar and just said what she was thinking.

“She said, in her awesome Russian accent, ‘you know, I see you flirting with other girls and all, but I think you want me, lets make that work.’ It worked,” he says.

When you really think about it, even if you’ve never hit on someone before, you’ve had guys hit on you your whole life. You know what has worked and what made you run far in the other direction. You also know that guys who are sexy can get away with a lot more, so just take a page out of their book.

“The first time [I got hit on by a girl] was straight up role reversal,” says Declan, 24. “A girl asked me to hang out and if I wanted to see a movie. Midway through it we were sorta cuddling and she turned around and started kissing me. We ended up dating for about two years and I never even noticed that it was technically all her idea.”

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Another girl stole the ridiculously pathetic dude attempt revolving around a comfy bed and proved that it sometimes actually works…at least on Declan.

“A girl [came over and] literally asked to see my room,” says Declan. “When we got into my room, in the least subtle turn of events possible, she said something like ‘I wanna see if your bed is comfortable.’ Unsurprisingly, five minutes later we were hooking up.”

But shit, Declan admitted that both times worked.

“Both times I can’t really take credit for instigating anything, and both times they ended with almost two-year relationships,” he says. “So I guess girls taking the lead works?”

But just because you’re a girl and these guys have enjoyed overt sexual advances doesn’t mean that you can take full liberty in being a fucking creep. Take this dude’s story as what not to do.

“I had a girl come up and start dancing with me at a frat party one year,” says an anonymous dude. “She turned around, reached in my shorts, and jerked me off on the dance floor.”

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For a second, our frat boy typically thought this was awesome… until he went to tell his bro:

“I pointed out the blonde, and was in mid sentence when he looked straight in my eyes and said, ‘oh my God, she did it to me too.’ There was some blonde running around jerking guys off,” he says. “I was devastated and disgusted, ‘cuz $5 says she didn’t have Purell in her purse and I knew I wasn’t her first.”

Awk. And potentially a crime. Please don’t get yourself locked up for sexual harassment on your exploits, k?

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