22 Celebs Who Love Weed

Some celebrities smoke weed, some don’t.

Today is 4/20 and while here at the Galore office in New York City, we’re not smoking weed, these celebrities probably are.

Hope you are too.

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1. Miley Cyrus

How YOU feelin dis FriYAY?! #fuckyeahfriday

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Miley’s toned down on the pot pics since she got engaged, but girlfriend is the most legendary famous stoner of her generation.

For fuck’s sake the first lyrics on her newest album, which is finally available on Spotify btws, are “yeah I smoke pot.”

2. Kristen Stewart

“You can Google my name and one of the first things that comes up is images of me sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe with my ex-boyfriend and my dog,” Kristen told Vanity Fair. “Big deal.” What a badass, right?!

3. Justin Timberlake

Yes, we went there… #SB51 @drinkbai

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Justin Timberlake may be a troll, but he’s very vocal about his love for the girl that gets all around every damn town, Mary Jane.

“The only thing pot does for me is it gets me to stop thinking,” J Timbs told Us back in 2011. “Sometimes I have a brain that needs to be turned off. Some people are just better high.”

4. Chelsea Handler

It’s weird that I have to book @mistercap on @chelseashow every time I run out of weed

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Chelsea Handler has a whole episode of her docu-series devoted to drugs in which she goes to a weed dinner with all her friends and gets ridiculously stoned, so yeah, girlfriend gets it.

5. Jennifer Aniston


“I enjoy it once in a while,” Jennifer told Rolling Stone. “There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation.”

Well, everything besides Aveeno that is.

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6. Zayn Malik

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“I smoke sometimes when I’m writing,” Zayn told Complex. “Sometimes it helps with the creative process, depending on the strain of weed.”

Also he legit told Glamour he quit One Direction because “aliens told him to,” so you know that when he says he smokes weed sometimes, what he actually meant to say was “I smoke weed all the time.”

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7. Whoopi Goldberg


Whoopi doesn’t just smoke weed, she sells weed – or at least she sells weed-infused products like edibles, topical rubs and a THC-infused bath soak that’s apparently “profoundly relaxing.”

8. Lil Wayne

@youngmoneymerch re-up 5p est today

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Enough said.

9. Bella Hadid

Happy birthday babiest princess hails 🌟🍾💕 I love you very very very very very much❤️

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Technically Bella’s never come out and said she smokes weed, but nobody wears a marijuana print bikini in public who doesn’t want the world to at least speculate that she’s a midnight toker.

Plus she smokes hookah and cigarettes and used to date The Weeknd, sooooooo is this even that much of a leap?

10. Jennifer Lawrence


When asked if she smoked by Spin Magazine J Law responded, “I so cannot answer that question. I’m in a franchise.”

11. Charlize Theron


Back in 2001 Charlize was photographed using a homemade apple bong, which might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

Who says Oscar winners can’t be crafty?

12. John Mayer


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In 2015 John Mayer toured one of Colorado’s largest marijuana growing facilities, although he says he’s less of a pothead and more of a “suburban housewife” when it comes to weed.

Whatever that means.

13. Kylie Jenner

on a wednesday

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Whether or not this joint is real or just something she held up in a photo because it looked cool, Kylie sure wanted us to get the impression she was down to clown.

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14. Rihanna

Literally the chicest stoner to ever grace the earth with her presence.

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15. Snoop Dogg

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Snoop’s name is practically synonymous with weed at this point.

16. Martha Stewart

Martha doesn’t always smoke weed, but she sure has perfected a dope recipe for weed brownies.

17. and 18. Abbi and Ilana from Broad City


Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer smoke a LOT of weed on the show, and they do in real life too!

“I get my weed from Ilana,” Abbi told Jimmy Kimmel in 2016.

And where does Ilana get it?

“I get it from, like, a full businessman. [He’s] like a restaurateur. He’s got garbage bags of weed.”

19. Drake


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Drake raps about smoking weed but you never really see him getting too wild on it.

To each his own.

20 and 21. Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz


In 2007 Drew Barrymore and her BFF Cameron Diaz were spotted passing a joint back and forth on a blanket and they looked like they were having a jolly old time.

22. Wiz Khalifa

Happy 420. Grow some weed. Download #WizKhalifasWeedFarm. Link in bio.

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Wiz loves wizzle.

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