Noted Pothead Jennifer Aniston Named People’s Most Beautiful Woman on 4/20

People just named Jennifer Aniston the “World’s Most Beautiful Woman.” And it’s 4/20 and Jen def smokes weed — coincidence?!

She looks pretty high in the pic.


Jen previously held the title of “World’s Most Beautiful Woman” in 2004, back when Friends was on its last season and she was still married to Brad. This is what she looked like:

Honestly, she looks better now. Maybe it’s from all the weed she’s been smoking over the years.

Either that or it’s because of the Smart Water she’s been drinking.

Jen agrees, telling People every celeb’s favorite combo is the secret to her success: “Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important, as is hydrating with water, water, water. It’s so important to getting that extra glow.”

Obviously this is just what celebrities say so they don’t have to explain the extreme lengths they’ll go to for thinness, but okay, Jen. We’ll chalk it up to the weed.

Either way, anybody who ever tells you that smoking weed will ruin your skin is clearly a liar. Feel free to laugh in their faces and tell them if Jennifer Aniston can do it, so can you.

Power to the potheads. 

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