Watch Wiz Khalifa Freestyle About Weed Over Adele’s ‘Hello’

If Wiz Khalifa were a super hero, his power would definitely be that he can make any song about weed — even Adele’s “Hello.” 

During a routine appearance at Los Angeles’ Power 106 radio program The Cruz Show, Wiz got asked the one question that can stop any rapper (especially Iggy Azalea…) in their tracks: “Yo, Wiz, can you write to anything at this point?”

After casually insisting that he’d “have to feel it” first, Wiz asked, “Why, you got a beat or something?” 

While Wiz probably thought he’d never see the day where he’d be forced to freestyle over an Adele song, he effortlessly went about giving the sad girl anthem a much-needed 420 makeover with lyrics like “Roll one up and let’s get high/ I am trying to get fried” and “I got a grinder/ I got a bong/ I got some weed/ so let’s make a song.”

And then, just when you thought you couldn’t love Wiz Khalifa any more, the radio host asked Wiz what he was calling his remix. After a moment’s hesitation, Wiz responded by asking, “What’s her song called?”

While ganjafication may be Wiz’s super power, remembering the titles of mainstream pop smashes is his kryptonite.

Oh well, you can’t have everything.

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