Sukihana knows how to catch your attention. Born Destiny Henderson, Sukihana has risen to the top with her Unapologetic demeanor, catchy rap lyrics, and enough sex appeal to satisfy all of America. 2023 has been the year of Suki, she’s up and down our timelines in viral videos, performing alongside the Queen herself – Lil Kim, and has joined the cast of Zeus Networks Baddies East. Aside from a promising career, Suki is also a loving mother of three beautiful children. Catch up with Sukihana in our exclusive Interview below.

Featured Interview:

Your real name is “Destiny” but your stage name is completely different! How did you create Sukihana and what does your stage name mean? 

“This isn’t a fantasy fairy-tale story or anything but actually, I got the name Sukihana from a Japanese restaurant where the food was really good. Guys have said that I taste like Sukihana. That means that it tastes good! I live in the Sukihana alter ego in the studio or on stage. Personally, suppose I were to define the name I would say Sukihana is liberating. In that case, I’m every woman, I could relate to everybody out there, I’m fun, I’m a mother I’m nurturing. Honestly, I’m not like the rest of these rappers honestly. They hate men! I never say that, I’m all about pleasing my man, having sexual fantasies with him, and cooking. That’s Sukihana! You thought I was just regular, no! When God made me he had poured a lot of different spices, fun, happy, all of that in one body”.

You call your fanbase “The Good Cats” & ‘Coochie Girls, how did you come up with these names and what do you love most about your fan base?

“My fanbase is called The Good Cats and Sukihana’s, basically my fans are Mothers, Baby mamas, Wives, Doctors and sometimes the Ladies in the Church. Everybody loves me because I’m Realistic, I keep it real and I just stay true to myself, I feel like I’m every woman, it’s a lot of different women up in me; I’m that Rachet girl, I’m that Classy girl I could be the obnoxious girl it depends on how I feel, it’s not my fault that yall are only one person and yall get bored and come on here talking about “One-day shes ratchet, one-day shes classy” – Yeah Bitch! Because I’m mixed up all up in me, God didn’t just pour Classy, he only poured a little bit of Classy, he poured Rachet, Sugar, Spice, you know Fun! Everything that these Niggas want all up in me now I’m just something that might be taking over the World”.

In 2020 you joined the cast of “Love & Hip Hop Miami, tell us what that experience was like and what you enjoy the most about reality TV? 

“For me, being on Television is something that I really love to do, I love just being myself and the people wanna pay to see me no matter how I am they just love watching me. I feel like it was a great opportunity for me to show the world my personality and now I have a revenue of income coming in because this is my career. I’ve always wanted to be a television star, I just really appreciate being able to make money off my personality, it’s just how I am”.

How do you balance Music, Acting, and Motherhood? 

“So balancing music, acting, and motherhood is not as easy as it looks. I understand I don’t work a 9-5 job but I’m a very hard-working woman. I spend a lot of time on the road to provide for my family and I want my kids to have everything their hearts desire. I feel like Children deserve the world so I like to work hard to take care of them, put them in nice houses, and make sure they have everything they want. Everybody doesn’t do the same thing, some people are business girls, this is Sukihana so…Welcome to my World, Bitch!

…..Guys, Can I get another shot? Can you all bring the Patrone please?”

Tell us about “Plan B” and “Hennessy”?

“One of my most shocking lines was “Bitch I need Henny and a Plan B” When I made that, you guys don’t understand that hook that I wrote was when I was still in the hood, so I just made it because I really needed it at the time, I do not understand why everybody was offended I did not want to be pregnant so I got the contraceptives pills and this right here stopped me from getting pregnant it’s not my fault that I’m so honest and that I rap about the things that I go through, the only reason I rapped about the Hennessy, even though you’re not supposed to mix Hennessy with this, is because it was already at that 3rd day and I hurry up and take the pill and I didn’t have anything to drink. It was just a bottle of Hennessy right there so I just threw it back and took the pill, so this is real life stuff”.

You’ve been making music since 2017 but haven’t released a full project yet, when can your fans expect the album to come so we can enjoy and party?

“The tea is that I’ve been making music since 2017, always been a writer, actually started writing music when I was 6 years old, so the thing is I don’t have that many songs out but I gradually put them out, and right now I’m actually about to work on my first project where I’m gonna give my fans every party song”.

Who are your SHEROES?

“My Sheroes is somebody that I look up to as far as Hiphop and entertainment is Taraji Henson, I love her, I feel like when she first came out she was giving that real hood shit, everybody done fell in love with a Jodie – Shit I’m In love with one right now! So I feel like I could relate to her, she stayed true to herself and she got a lot of big roles, and who else? Cardi B is my Sheroe because a lot of bitches couldn’t stand her, she stayed true to herself. Lil Kim is a Sheroe of mine because thats my bitch and she just brought me out on stage with a crowd of 30 thousand people and had me sing about me eating ass and she was singing it too. Who else? Harriot Tubman, if you know me you know that I always say that she was my Sheroe because was a babe, she helped free the slaves and she used to put a gun in her waist trainer in case she had to shoot the slave master”.

You always look good every time you step out. From your Makeup to your nails and hair, what is your favorite beauty maintenance to get done and why? 

“So as you know, I love getting glammed up I love getting my makeup done, I love to get my hair done, a lot of people don’t know that daily I don’t wear any makeup or wigs and you should be like that because guess what, you’re gonna have to wake up one day next to your spouse and he gonna be like “Ooh bitch, who the fuck is you?!” – Do you wanna be like that? Well, it’s not my business but I look pretty without no makeup on, but let me tell you something that I do like to put on is a little lip and gloss to make these dick-sucking lips real plumpy so the niggas know what they missing out on. I like to do a little wing like Nicki Minaj, I won’t do any concealer or anything like that, but I’ll do a little china wing just so they can see who my ancestors are. I also like coconut oil, I’m the type of girl that you wipe your makeup off you put coconut oil on your face, some glossy lips and a china eye that’s it bitch! Hair conditioner, Garnier Fructis! I love Garnier, A lot of people tell me “Girl that’s for white people” – Ok? I still like it, it smells so good”. 

What are you cooking for Xmas dinner? 

“Every dinner I make doubled eggs, that’s my favorite thing to make, yall probably won’t know what this is but I love Pig Feet, I know I don’t look like I eat them but the guys that I date like how I cook it. Crab tails, Oxl tail, and of course I’m making the Drinks – a big punch with a bunch of different tequilas in it”. 

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