This Is Why You Can’t Un-Ghost Yourself, Sorry BB

On the subway ride home yesterday, I scrolled past an article on Elite Daily titled “How I Got Out of Being Ghosted By My Ex.”

I was intrigued.

Not because I wanted to be un-ghosted by my ex, but because in my mind, you can’t un-ghost yourself. You can’t go up to somebody who’s decided to leave you out of their life and force them to make you a part of it. Life doesn’t work that way unless you’re some sort of violent dictator or magician, or maybe Taylor Swift.

After reading the article, I found out that the writer wasn’t talking about her ex, but a dude that she seemed to have only gone on one date with. Kay. Also, her way of “getting out of being ghosted” was by texting said dude and saying that she was “taking the hint” and that she still wanted to be friendly and “wished him the best.” The writer goes on to say that this was “closure.”

Okay first off, closure doesn’t f*cking exist, it’s an excuse made up by desperate exes.

Second, a dude not calling you back isn’t “ghosting,” it’s life.

Third, you literally just made yourself look more pathetic by texting him when he clearly was trying to ghost you! You may feel like the “bigger person” and like you’re the superhero fighting ghosting one fuckboy at a time, but in reality he’s probably telling all his friends how some psycho chick tried texting him after he clearly wasn’t interested and acted like it was an official break-up.

Also, let’s be real girl, you were probably still secretly hoping that he’d read your text and say “oh no, I still want to see you again, I just lost your number,” no matter how much you deny it.

Sorry bb, but you can’t un-ghost yourself, that’s just not how this works. Save your dignity and brush it off.

And if your next Tinder date doesn’t call you back, don’t make such a f*cking big deal about it. Maybe you were a bad date, or maybe you two just didn’t click, and that’s okay. I’m sure there are plenty of guys that you haven’t texted back after a first date, and you didn’t feel like you were ghosting them.

You really don’t need to give an official reason for not seeing someone after one date. I know modern dating sucks, but this isn’t a sport or a debate with a rulebook. Sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches, brush it off, and try your best not to look like a psycho.

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