You’ll be shocked at how this cannabis (yes) beauty regimen will change your skin

It seems like gals and guys everywhere are flocking to cannabis products for their beauty needs these days.

But, I honestly didn’t fully understand the hype – maybe that’s because I didn’t know enough about it. So, I did some research. 

When I got to digging, I found out that marijuana and hemp are actually different versions of the cannabis plant – they are just both part of the cannabis family. Both plants also contain different chemical compounds that are contain tons of benefits for your skin!

Basically, if your skin were a puzzle, and throughout your life, pieces fell off due to wear and tear, CBD oil from hemp supplies your skin with replacement pieces. CBD (aka, cannabidiol) can be found in both plants, but it isn’t the stuff that’ll get you high – however, it is a chemical compound everyone’s skin craves.

The market (like any growing beauty market) is flooded with products, so I did some more digging into which products are real game-changers.

Enter Cannabis Beauty Defined, the world’s first luxury skin care line made with CBD hemp oil. The line includes everything you need for naturally radiant, healthy skin. And don’t just take my word for it — the brand already got rave reviews from USA Today, Elle, and Vogue.

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I decided to try their whole line of products, which are kind of meant to work together to create the ‘perfect storm’ of hemp-infused beauty. Their anti-aging skincare line includes a cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, and a moisturizer.

It’s been only two weeks so far, and my skin is already looking more vibrant and youthful! This was super impressive to me, as many other methods I had tried in the past just didn’t cut it. You could say I’m a cannabis beauty product believer now, too.

While all of their products were awesome, below are the products that I truly fell in love with incorporating into my skincare routine.

1. Anti-Aging CBD Hemp Oil Facial Cleanser

This gorgeous cleanser is about to become your one-and-only. If you think that’s too bold of a statement, let your skin be the critic! It’s non-foaming, which is wonderful, considering that that also means that it is sulphate-free and non-drying.

It’s a cleanser that harnesses a unique blend of hemp (cannabis sativa) oil and 10mg of CBD. It won’t get you high, but you’ll definitely still be feelin’ yourself!

2. Anti-Aging CBD Hemp Oil Facial Exfoliant

Achieving an even skin tone is one of my top priorities. I want a youthful complexion that radiates health and well-being, which starts with keeping my skin clean of dirt and toxins! This soothing hemp exfoliating face wash is definitely a great option to get rid of the gunk.

3. Anti-Aging CBD Hemp Oil Facial Toner

The facial toner is just the pick-me-up your skin needs to feel youthful and energized. This product can be used as part of a daily skin regimen, or it can be used throughout your day to rehydrate and refresh your skin.

So, the next time your skin feels dull or dirty and you’re stuck at work, use this hemp facial toner to energize your skin and liven up your day!

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4. Anti-Aging CBD Hemp Oil Day & Night Serum

Free radicals in the atmosphere can cause cellular damage, which leads to wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and even sagging – yikes! Giving your skin the strong defense it needs is mega important for all 24 hours of the day, 7 days a week. This product definitely left my skin feeling safe and protected!

5. Anti-Aging CBD Hemp Oil Facial Moisturizer

The most beautiful skin is, again, healthy and happy skin. This moisturizer totally improved the elasticity and firmness of my face, and gave me that healthy, happy look. It’s made with a powerful blend of herbal extracts and hemp oil, and it’s completely hypoallergenic!

All of these products have me feeling sexy and confident in my own skin, and I am sooo ready to get out there and show off my radiant complexion!

To check out more products from Cannabis Beauty Defined, click here.

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