6 new cannabis-based beauty products you have to get your hands on

Move over coconut oil. There’s a new kid in town. And from the looks of it, they’re definitely here to stay. Enter, cannabis. No, we’re not talking about pot, but rather, its cool, totally legal sister that touts a long list of beauty and wellness benefits.

So, what exactly is cannabis and its special compound, cannabidiol oil (CBD)? It’s the non-psychoactive compound found in weed that allows you to reap the benefits of a marijuana high – without the high. Think relaxation, less anxiety, and mood-stabilizing side effects.

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Though CBD doesn’t gender discriminate, there are alluring benefits just for you gals out there. Founder of Not Pot™, Kati Holland, says that, “CBD has been shown to significantly help with menstrual cramps and, even, polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms.”

Topically, CBD can do wonders for skin. It’s been known to help reduce inflammation, provide pain relief, and fight acne. This recent study even found that CBD can reduce excess sebum (AKA your worst enemy if you’re prone to acne). So, basically, we’re sold.

If you agree, then read on for some amazing CBD-infused beauty and self-care products to try, stat.

Khus-Khus Sen + Copious Serums

This sleekly packaged serum combines the benefits of Eco-certified CBD-oil with other aromatic botanical extracts to bring you the ultimate zen experience. Formulated to promote cell turnover, it’s perfect for inflammatory conditions, like psoriasis and eczema. Does your body need some CBD? Get it in their body serum, instead.

Soul Addict Hemp CBD Elixir

This new indie brand’s claim to fame is its sustainably sourced CBD oil, straight from the farms of Colorado. is another game changer in the world of wellness. Mix it into your smoothies, coffees, raw foods, or take it straight –– and get ready for this game-changing elixir to become a staple in your daily wellness routine.

Crave Skincare Range

The founder of this skincare range suffered from Rosacea for years until she discovered what CBD oil could do for her skin. With a seven product vegan, non-toxic, and cruelty-free line-up completely dedicated to healing your skin with natural ingredients, expect results like reduced inflammatory, hydration, and protection due to antioxidants.

Mondo Powder

This one’s for cannabis-friendly states, only, as it does contain THC (the compound that does get you high). This medicinal powder’s subtle, sweet cacao taste isn’t just a midday snack. It’s purposefully formulated to help relieve anxiety. Completely suitable for daytime use, it’s also meant to help you focus and relax.

Not Pot Chocolate 30-Day Supply

You heard it here, folks. It’s not pot – it’s CBD chocolates! As a chocoholic, myself, these vegan sweets are a great way to get your daily fix of CBD, while curing your chocolate cravings. And not only do they taste great, they come in totally adorable heart shapes – perfect for sharing with your bae or BFF.

Ardency Inn Modster Big Instant Lash Enhancing Mascara Boosted with Hemp Protein


You may already be a fan of Ardency Inn, but here’s another reason to love them: their mascara is uniquely made with hemp protein, which promotes keratin creation. Now, you can give Kylie a run for her money with longer and thicker lashes. We’ll take 100, please!

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