You Can Now Get High For Harambe With This New Weed Strain

While going tits out for Harambe or dressing up as a sexy Harambe for Halloween doesn’t benefit anyone, lighting one up for Harambe does.

Well, it will if you’re smoking some of the Harambe weed strain developed by Ethos Genetics. And if you’re into weed, of course.

The weed strain is a blend of Gorilla Glue (obvi), Critical Skunk, and Black Fire, which is a pretty potent hybrid.

But what’s better than getting high? Getting high for a cause. Ten percent of proceeds from the Harambe strain will be donated to non-kill animal shelters in Colorado. It’s what Harambe would’ve wanted.

Unfortunately, you might not be able to get your hands on Harambe weed quite yet, because there are a limited number of seeds available right now. But never fear, the Harambe weed will soon be grown and/or cloned and distributed across legal states in the US soon, the same way that Harambe quickly made his way from being some rando zoo animal to a revered martyr for misunderstood silverback gorillas everywhere.

While you’re waiting for the Harambe weed to become available and/or mourning, you can always add some weed-infused wine or weed lube to your list. Harambe would def approve. I mean, gorillas can be 420 friendly, right?

H/T Konbini 

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