Britney Spears Just Posted the Weirdest #TBT With Leo DiCaprio

Here are your two weird facts for the day:

Britney Spears and Leonardo DiCaprio used to hang out.

While they were hanging out, Leonardo DiCaprio threw gang signs, specifically the one that corresponds to “West Side.”

We learned this from a #tbt post that Britney put on Instagram yesterday, with her making a goofy face and Leo channeling Tupac. There are still a lot of questions — where were they hanging out? Why were they hanging out? Is Leo embarrassed that this just went up? Or does he not care anymore since he finally got that Oscar?

Either way, this is the second time this week that his love of partying with pop divas has been made public. This is quite an exciting development in Leo’s personal brand. Hopefully next, Cher will tweet a pic of herself ripping shots with Leo.


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