Brad ‘Won’t Stop Loving’ Angelina, According To Source

Yesterday’s big news of Angelina and Brad’s split shocked Brangelina stans and Jennifer Aniston fans everywhere. But according to a recent source, the big news was just as shocking to Brad Pitt.

A source told The Post that Brad is still “crazy about” Angelina and that he was pretty blindsided about the whole divorce thing, just like the internet was.

“He only knew that she was filing for divorce a day before she did it. They’d just got back from Europe. Brad didn’t want it to happen, he still loves Angelina and wanted to work it out,” said the source.

Hmm…sounds suspicious. Brad sounds a bit like the all too typical case of the dude who didn’t realize what he had until it was gone. Or more like, didn’t want to change his shitty habits until it was too late.

The source went on to say that Brad hasn’t even “had time” to appoint a lawyer (while Angelina already hired the baddest bitch as hers). The source also had time to give a backhanded roast to Angelina, just in case.

“Angelina has had a series of movie flops and now wants to concentrate on her political and humanitarian work — which is admirable — but she also wants to fly the kids around the world with her. She travels a few weeks of every month.”

How convenient that the source defending Brad also added insult to injury by pointing out that Ang hasn’t been exactly killing her movie game recently…lol.

Whatevs. Who knows what’s really going on in this high-profile divorce. Sure, we feel bad for the kids and all, but we’re also eager to see WTF happens for Brangelina’s future.

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