Angelina Jolie Has Reportedly Filed For Divorce From Brad Pitt

Well kids, love has officially died.

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie allegedly filed for divorce from Brad Pitt and TMZ says that the official reason was irreconcilable differences, which reportedly have something to do with the way Brad was raising their 6 children.

Ultimately, it’s not surprising that Angelina is supposedly asking for physical custody of the kids, although she is supposedly willing to grant Brad visitation rights.

She is allegedly not asking for spousal support, which makes sense, but you never know with these things. Divorce tends to make people their most bitter selves and homeboy has a LOT of money.

The Inquisitor tells a different story however, one where Angelina Jolie “guzzles wine every night” and “smokes constantly,” because she’s so jealous of Brad’s chemistry with his most recent co-star Marion Cotillard, which as far as rumors go actually seems plausible seeing as the last time Brad’s marriage dissolved was because he had fallen for his hot co-star, which Angelina is obviously well aware of.

Of course, this whole thing is still technically a rumor, but when’s the last time TMZ ever got it wrong about an event this big?

Brad, whatever you allegedly did, consider this divorce your payback for publicly cheating on your wife and leaving her for the other woman.

Not cool, bro.


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