June 2016: What Does it Mean to Be #Blessed?

In the last few years, it seems like the word “blessed” has been all over social media.

It’s hashtagged under that artfully posed yoga selfie, that flawlessly filtered pic of your morning coffee, that gorgeous photo of your bestie and her boyfriend.

But what does it really mean? It’s pretty humblebrag-y, if you think about it. It’s saying to the world, “I’m just so lucky to be happy, healthy, and hot.” And it leaves out all of the hard work we do day-to-day to ensure that very same happiness, health, and body confidence.

And the same thing tends to happen when magazines and websites interview the girls whose lifestyles we all idolize. Instead of getting real about how we live our lives, so many women feel a need to pretend it all comes naturally. How many bland interviews with Victoria’s Secret models can you really take before you start to wonder if maybe, just maybe, they have a few more secrets besides just drinking eight glasses of water a day and working out? And hey, maybe a better hashtag for them would be #geneticallyblessed…

We’re sick of fitness pros acting like what they do is easy. And we’re sick of totally zen Instagram posts that completely obscure the hard work that goes into maintaining your spirituality and keeping your head on straight in a world where you’re expected to be so many things to so many people from day to day.

So this month, we’re diving into every detail of wellness — mind, body, and soul — and really taking a hard look at what it takes to feel #blessed. We’ll be answering the fitness and spirituality questions you really want to know. Like, do cleanses really work? And is it possible to do one that doesn’t cost $300? Why doesn’t “clean eating” work for everyone? What’s the deal with meditation? And is there anything I can do to stop feeling like shit on my period?

We’ll also be talking to fitness pros, nutritionist, plus-size models, and small business owners who aren’t shy about how much they have to hustle to get where they are, and the day-to-day effort they put in to make sure their lives are as #blessed as possible. These are women who are all about the journey, not the destination — because being of sound body and mind is a lifelong job, not something you achieve then never think about again.

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