If Your BF Is Annoying You, You Might Just Need More Sleep

It seems like every other study on relationships claims that the key to a happy, mutually loving relationship is doing more of this, or more of that, but here is finally a study that makes some logical sense.

This study says that if you get more sleep, you’ll be happier in your relationship. It also supports the idea that if your individual happiness also contributes to the overall satisfaction you would get from your relationship.

And even though this study is small, it highlights just how much interpersonal things, like relationships, depend on how the person feels and the mood they are in because it changes their perspective.

Well, duh. And to be honest, if I’m well-rested, I like anything more.

But if you are well-rested, which means getting more sleep than normal, you are more likely to feel satisfied in your relationship, which is great. And considering the average American now only gets about six hours of sleep a night, it shouldn’t be that hard to get in a extra few hours.

So the next time your boyfriend tries to wake you, tell him you’re just trying to make him happy (by making yourself happier, but you don’t have to tell him that).

You’re welcome for the excuse to nap.

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