Becky G is working on two albums, acting, activism, and breaking the Internet

You may know our newest cover girl, Becky G, from her hit song, “Shower,” but she is so much more than that. 

Currently working on two separate albums in English and in Spanish, the singer is extremely multi-faceted and should absolutely be acknowledged as such. Aside from new music, Becky just wrapped a new movie, “AXL,” starred in the newest “Power Rangers,” and is very outspoken about America’s unjust immigration policies.

We sit down with Becky to discuss her new albums, her drink of choice, the song she loves to sing in the shower, and more. Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below! We are obsessed.

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You are working on albums in Spanish and English, with brand new singles in both languages. Why is it important to you to create music in both languages, and what does it mean to you to release music in Spanish?

Everyone knows I started singing in English. When I think of the word cross over, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m doing the crossover, but I am the crossover. The truth is, my entire life I’ve lived one foot in one world and one foot in the other.

Now, I can authentically be myself in both worlds. It is really exciting because I always say I’m the 200% – 100% proud to be Latina and 100% proud to be American.

You are starring in the film, “AXL.” Tell us a little bit about the movie and your character, Sara. Do you relate to her at all, and if so, how?

I’m really excited for my fans to meet my character, Sarah. She has a little sass. I got to be a bit more creative and hands on with this character. The film itself is action sci-fi, a little bit like “Transformers,” meets the story of “ET.” It’s a movie for everyone, so I really hope everyone gets a chance to see it!

Your newest single with Natti Natasha, “Sin Pijama” has already been certified Platinum. What did it feel like having such a hardcore comeback to the music world?

Comeback – that word. It’s funny because everyone kept saying, “It’s not a comeback, you never left.” To me, it was a comeback. To me, it was the revival of my career. I was in a very dark place at the end of my English music. I didn’t really connect to my music and I felt like I wasn’t making music that was really true to who I am. The messages felt like songs that anyone could sing, because they were songs written for other artists that somehow became mine.

I feel like I found myself in my Spanish music. I found my confidence, my sexy, and my power in my voice. I found me again. I found the woman who wanted to conquer the music industry. I lost myself in my middle teenage years. The 9-year-old Becky is living that dream of hers at 21 years old.

I really know who I am now as an artist. It means a lot to me the success that I have encountered in my Spanish career, since it isn’t my first language. The fact that I can do it in a language that connects me back to my roots – it couldn’t have worked out any better. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

What was the best part of filming the music video (which, honestly, hit the Internet by storm)?

I like breaking the Internet. It’s so fun. The message for the video is to empower woman. “Sin Pijama” was the sexiest and funniest experience ever. I felt ready and excited to embark on this next journey of the identity of Becky. Introducing this more fun sexy side of who I am now as a young woman.

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What was the inspiration behind the song?

The inspiration behind the song really came out of nothing. I was in the studio with my friends and it was a minute and a half demo. I had the idea to have a few more artists, and that was the whole dream for the song. I’m so glad that it was not the end. I feel as though there are not enough woman in music, let alone woman in Latin music.

For us to be the very few woman in reggaeton music, rapping on a song that is completely reggaeton, with not one man in sight of the music video, and not one man featured on the song, was amazing. For it be as successful as it is, I think it is definitely a moment in music and music history. It’s really awesome to be a part of it.

You’re only 21, and you released your hit song, “Shower,” when you were only a teenager – which, no doubt, put you on pop music’s map! How did you (and do you) manage your success and your work at such a young age?

The Becky G that experienced the success of songs like “Shower,” for instance, learned a lot of lessons. I think the biggest lesson I learned was that I do not want to be a one-hit wonder. I do not want to be an artist who doesn’t have an identity. I was very fortunate that “Shower,” was my song, but it almost felt like that song was bigger than me.

I say that because, I remember one time I was in a coffee shop and “Shower” was playing – years after the success of the song. Girls were singing the song right across from me and I started singing along as a joke. I’m looking at them and they are looking at me but they weren’t connecting that it was my song. I was the girl who sang the song. I was not Becky G the artist.

It’s a good lesson to learn early on in your career. Now, moving forward, I work so hard to make sure that my songs have identity. Not just any artist can sing them, but it’s a Becky song. It’s Becky G, the girl who sings songs like “Mayores” or “Sola.” That, to me, has been the greatest lesson of all.

What was it like working on the set of “Empire,” and combining your two passions of acting and singing?

“Empire” was definitely a big stepping stone in my career. Working with so many accomplished actors on a show that brings acting and singing together was amazing.

It was a nice space to try something new on the acting side, but still be in a comfortable place because it had to do with music. It definitely lit the acting bug inside of me, because I ended up doing “Power Rangers.”

Do you prefer acting or singing and why?

I can’t choose. I love acting and singing for different reasons. I love singing, because music has always been there for me – the one thing, besides my family, that has never failed me. It’s always been something that I’m passionate about.

Acting inspires a different part of my brain. It allows me to put myself in other people’s shoes. It allows me to use my imagination and be creative in a different way than I am with music.

What was it like filming an action film like “Power Rangers,” and how was that different from the set of something like “Empire?”

Going into filming such a huge studio film, who gets to say they are a superhero every day – it was the coolest thing ever. I learned so many things while filming. The greatest thing that come out from it, wasn’t just learning as an actress, but also making lifelong friends.

What was your favorite part about playing your character, Trini, in “Power Rangers?”

Playing the character of Trini was an honor. Being the yellow Power Ranger was so iconic. I got to play her in a way we have never seen her before, too, as a young Latina girl in high school!

How do you relate to Trini?

How she questions herself, her sexuality, and who she is. It was very honest. I related to Trini in many ways, because I questioned a lot of things about myself growing up. What was I capable of doing? Am I strong enough to do these things? Trini, in the end, wasn’t aware of her own strengths, even though she is a very strong girl.

You have been very vocal about speaking out against Trump and his undocumented immigrant policies. Why do you think it’s important to speak out about these things on a platform such as yours?

As an artist, you are given a platform that comes with a responsibility to inspire people and to use your voice for the greater good. This is something that is affecting me firsthand. I am a granddaughter of grandparents who immigrated from a different country – Mexico.

It is a huge part of my story and something I am very proud of. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today or have the opportunities that I have. I feel the responsibility to speak up about those issues. At the end of the day, there are two things that will forever divide people – religion and politics. It makes people feel uncomfortable – especially questioning when it is crossing the line and when is it too far.

I feel like there is one thing that can never be wrong and that is heart. A lot of people come to the United States of America to live a better life, and they come with their heart in their hands and nothing else. They do this only to hopefully one day be able to provide a better roof over their families’ heads, and to have better jobs, opportunities, or education. I think that’s very beautiful and we should shine a positive light on it instead of focusing on the negative.

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If at all, have you dealt with discrimination in the music or tv/film industries due to being a woman of color? How did you overcome those instances, if so?

Being a young Latina in this industry, I definitely have had a couple situations. I think when you see a young woman come into an office room, yeah, it’s going to be hard for people to take you seriously. You have people who have more on their resume or experience, and you can quickly feel like your ideas or voice are belittled.

There are countless times I’ve felt that way, but I also I think that I fortunately grew up in a household where my parents didn’t raise me with those double standards. My brothers, sister, and I were all raised equally. There was nothing I couldn’t do because I was a girl and it is going to stay that way.

What can we expect music wise on your upcoming albums?

Musically speaking, I’m currently working on two completely different sides of me. The Spanish side, which is definitely reggaeton-inspired with pop influence. There is the English side of me, that is working on music that is just as urban, but a little bit more R&B inspired. I have a side of myself that my fans have yet to be introduced to, that is a little bit reminiscent of the OG Becky from the block.

Favorite beauty product that you cannot live without?

A smile. A smile is priceless, and I think woman very quickly forget that we are fine without makeup. We are fine without being all dolled up, and it is nice to just be yourself.

Drink of choice now that you’re 21?

I’m Mexican, so my drink of choice will forever be tequila. I love tequila, I’ve always loved tequila and I can say that now that I’m 21.

Go-to breakfast?

I love avocado with crushed red pepper, a little bit of lime or lemon, and eggs.

Song you loveeee to sing in the shower (lol)?

“Waterfalls,” by TLC. I’ve always loved that song since I was a little girl.

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