EXCLUSIVE: Sahara x NA-KD’s newest collection drop is here!

NA-KD is killing it lately, collabing with the coolest people in the business – including us (Galore), and now, model Sahara Ray.

NA-KD’s newest collection with the stunning Sahara Ray is being released TODAY. That’s right – the brand still has a ton of goodness for you to wear this summer to stunt on everyone you know.

You’re welcome.

No, but seriously, this collection release is a huge deal. These clothes were made specifically for the daring and sexy Sahara girl, by the unique and on-trend clothing brand, NA-KD.

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It doesn’t get any better than this, y’all. Get out your wallets and start shopping before this collection sells out.

I personally will be wearing these white pants out every single weekend. I don’t care if anyone notices I’m an outfit repeater.

Shop the collection HERE, and tag Sahara and NA-KD in your kickass outfit pics!

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