10 ways to look like that mermaid from “Aquamarine,” minus the bright blue hair clips (sorry, Aqua)

I grew up in San Diego, so I basically wanted to look exactly like a fresh-out-of-the-ocean Aquamarine (the mermaid from the classic 2000s film, “Aquamarine,” duh) every summer. 

The summer beauty goal, for me and for most of my peers, has always been to look as though we spent all day laying out and dipping into the salty ocean water, with sand in every crevasse and a ripped surfer babe on one arm.

So, if you want to resemble a disheveled, walking (that’s new) mermaid until the end of August, I have created a list of must-haves to achieve your look. This list is the guideline for what to use if you want to become mermaid certified ASAP. But, not in the glittery, pink way – in the crinkled, salty hair and dewey skin way.

1. A good highlight

Because you want to look just like a mermaid shell bra, but on your face. Even better, get an iridescent highlight, like this one from Urban Decay. This way, when you swim out to the buoy, we can see you from the shore.

2. Bronzer

I mean, I can’t stress this step enough. A bomb bronzer will help you look 3 shades more tan than you actually are, which is the ultimate summer goal. Fake it til you make it, cuz we all know how hard and time consuming it is to get an actual tan.

Did anyone else really want to date him and is now confused why? He looks like the surfer guy from your hometown who never left and gives swimming lessons at the rec center. Smh.

3. Self-tanner

A self-tanner is really necessary, especially if you’re going to follow step 2 and use a bronzer. You want your body skin tone to match your face skin tone, otherwise you’re going to look off.

Let’s be honest, if your neck doesn’t match your face, everyone will notice and point it out. That’s not going to be embarrassing in front of your summer crush or anything.

4. Crimper

This Bed Head mini, portable crimper is sure to make your hair look wavy as hell. It’s not super healthy for your hair to constantly be drenched in chlorine or in the ocean water, so this crimper is a great alternative.

I always feel like that mermaid in “Aquamarine,” when I use it – just without that heinous bright blue clip in (although, I definitely wore these in the early 2000s shamelessly). Also, crimping is super cute if you do it right. Stunt on your hometown mean girls at the local beach bar with this hair lewk (you were always more original than them, anyway).

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5. Sea salt spray

Any sea salt spray is clutch, but I prefer this one from LUSH. This bottle of magic will help you look as if you shampooed with the ocean water and conditioned with seaweed. Sexy af.

This LUSH spray will definitely give you that certain crunch that you hope to achieve fresh out the ocean waves – but, you don’t actually have to even go near the beach. Plus, it smells wonderful. If you enjoy the smell of ocean water, this will have your hair smelling fire all summer long.

6. Some sparkle

The Fenty Body Lava has been a huge hit for a reason – it basically makes you look like a mermaid drenched in ocean water, gold, and glitter. Body Lava will give you that specific glow and sparkle that maybe only actual sea creatures have.

Also, for that extra summery vibe, you’ll be just as shiny as a dolphin.

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7. OG Banana Boat

We all used Banana Boat religiously in the 90s. The brand basically sponsored every beach-rat’s tan. Whether you were a real tanner or a fake tanner, you used this stuff – maybe a little too much. It’s time to bring this cult fave back.

After all, it’s a cult fave for a reason. You’re going to sizzle like bacon in the sun with this oil on, and it will definitely help you to achieve an even tan all over. Please – don’t forget to turn over!

8. A really, really good setting spray

The summer is fabulous, but it also poses plenty of obstacles for your makeup look. The beach? The heat? Water balloon fights? Tons of frozen liquor mixtures? Random, sloppy hook-ups with your childhood crush, because those spontaneous fireworks tricked you into thinking it was the mood?

There’s a lot going on during the months of June to August. You’re going to want your makeup withstand your summer fling throwing you in the pool or a massive hometown 4th of July BBQ in the insane heat, where all of your exes show up. This setting spray from Urban Decay will have you covered on all fronts.

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9. An aloe face mask

Any face mask is going to be super soothing after all of the nonsense you’re putting your skin through (heat, dry weather, chlorine, and more). But, an aloe face mask will be particularly amazing after a long day of reading books you didn’t read all year in the sun.

Save your skin now, and have fun later! Best part? These bad boys usually only take about 10 minutes to do. You can get a variety of these masks at places like Sephora and Amazon. Stock up!

10. Coconut oil. All the way.

You saw this one coming.

If you want to feel like a walking frozen piña colada, get a giant jar of coconut oil at your local Trader Joe’s. This stuff is made of magic and will be your go-to beauty item all summer.

Coconut oil will help set that tan and keep your skin looking even. It can also help soothe sunburns, freshen up your hair, and can aid damaged and cracked skin. Slather this stuff everywhere.

Yes, everywhere. And don’t forget – this summer, don’t go unnoticed.

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