FANTASY ISSUE COVER GIRLS: Famous Klinko 2000s photoshoots reimagined

Famed fashion photographer, Markus Klinko, has worked with every celebrity you could ever dream of. 

From Beyoncé’s “Dangerously In Love,” album cover and Lady Gaga’s Hello Kitty-inspired shoot, to Mariah Carey and David Bowie, Markus has photographed almost all of the iconic 2000s shoots.

You can’t help but wonder how talented Markus must be to work with such a large number of A-list celebrities. We will give you a hint – he really is that talented.

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Galore and Markus Klinko are revealing today our newest cover girls – a first time exclusive cover experience that reimagines Markus’ truly iconic 2000s photoshoots.


We wanted to give a nod to the glamorous 2000s that we miss so much, and the gorgeous divas that Markus has had the pleasure to work with. Check out our exclusive interview with Markus here, and take a look at our iconic new cover girls!

Markus’ amazing work is going to be apart of the Mouche Gallery exhibition, honoring his photoshoots and remembering the 2000s. Definitely don’t forget to head over to the gallery and check out his stuff if you’re in Los Angeles! The exhibition will be open from June 15th to the 30th.

All photos by Markus Klinko

Cover Art Direction by Lisa Yoo

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