Bebe Huxley’s new music video questions your ideas of sexuality

Los Angeles based, electro-pop artist, Bebe Huxley, is dropping music videos that encourage us to question what we have been told is “correct” by society again and again.

Her last videos for her songs “Scorpio,” and “Venom,” are intense and artful pieces that challenge society’s views of gender and sexuality. In her newest video for the song, “Elaine,” off her 2017 EP Scorpio, Bebe switches it up and delivers us what seems to be the answer to her previous thought-provoking material.

Reminiscent of Grimes‘ last stunt with Art Angels, and even a bit like old Gaga, the video is bright, colorful, and lighthearted – one might even call it outdoorsy?

Bebe and her queer fam party, dance, and laugh on a ranch in celebration of being themselves and apart of a wonderful community.  “Elaine” is def an uplifting bop to pregame to with your crew – check it out below.

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Directed by Xavier Hamel
Produced by Sarah Khawand
Edited and Animations by Bebe Huxley
Creative Director Love Bailey
Cinematography Kevin Berriz
Music by Bebe Huxley and Vincent Parker
Featuring clothing designs by No Sesso, Yasmin Julie Bergmann and La Roxx
Featuring Babs, Bashir Naim, Bby Shamu, Richard Tanumi, Molly Pop, Natalia Brown and Teddy Nguyen
A Slather Studios and After Hours Production

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