Bloodboy’s New Song is Your Official Mercury Retrograde Anthem

There’s something incredibly appealing about people who don’t really give a fuck, especially today.

We knew Lexie Papillion, AKA Bloodboy, was already a bit unconventional when she responded positively to the make up artist cancelling last minute on the shoot we had scheduled. Not to mention, she self styles with the dopest vintage threads we’ve seen in a minute. Lucky us? (Answer: yass). 

But wait, it gets better. Bloodboy’s sound is something like a grittier Best Coast with some hopeless-romantic, 80s prom vibes and she just released a new track. “Is Now A Good Time To Ruin Your Life?” is an honest ode to miscommunication, the shitty things people say, and more so the things people don’t say at all.

Check out the #content and listen to her new track below.

Where did the name Bloodboy come from?

The first band I was in was trying to come up with a name and I (drunkenly) suggested Bloodboy. It was immediately shut down by the other members, but after we broke up and I decided to start a solo project, it stuck with me.

I’d be kidding myself if I said the initial appeal had nothing to do with the fact that it’s fairly polarizing and has a fun little ring to it. However, over time the personal symbolism became more apparent. I’ve told this so many times I feel like I’m plagiarizing myself, but as a kid I wanted to be a doctor and my uncle was a surgeon, so he let me observe a reconstructive knee surgery, like, looking right over his shoulder. I just remember being completely mesmerized by the inner workings of our bodies. So, I suppose that’s where the “blood” syllable originated.

The boy thing is a bit trickier to defend as we continue to embrace gender fluidity, but ten or fifteen years ago it wasn’t uncommon to hear the term “tomboy” – and I did. I was a competitive surfer growing up, so I spent every day at the beach fucking off with a bunch of teenage boys. I went on surf trips where, more often than not, I was the only girl and I honestly didn’t notice any distinction between my behavior and their behavior (scary).

I was also extremely daring, if not reckless, in the water, which I suppose probably had something to do with the boys accepting me the way they did. With all of that said, there is a tongue-in-cheek element to the name because I’ve never assigned much weight to traditional gender roles.

How would you describe your sound?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to answer this for years. I hear it’s reminiscent of Blondie and Yeah Yeah Yeahs a lot, so I’ll go with that.

What’s your favorite old album of all time?

It’s a toss-up between The Clash’s self-titled & Television’s “Marquee Moon.”

What about your fave new one?

I’m not entirely sure where the the line is drawn for what is considered “new” so I’m going with last five years: Ariel Pink’s “Pom Pom.”

Tell us a little about your new song “Is Now A Good Time To Ruin Your Life?”

It’s sort of a tongue-in-cheek way of pointing out that a lot of messiness can be avoided if people are just honest in their relationships. In this case, silly me thought we were on the same page and we most definitely were not. I just wished the prick would have told me.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever thrifted?

That’s like asking a parent to pick their favorite child. It’s also traumatic because I lose everything and most of the things that come to mind are no longer with me. This is another tie between a pair of knee-high faux snakeskin boots that could kill someone the toes are so pointy, and a bright blue leather pantsuit.

Favorite accessory?


What 3 cosmetic products could you not live without?

Lipstick, moisturizer, and something to fix my eyebrows.

What’s your dream tour?

Me headlining with LCD Soundsystem as direct support.

Where can we find your music?

It’s on all the platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

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Photos by Jacqueline Kulla

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