The Bachelor’s Engagement Photos Are Surprisingly Not Annoying

This season of The Bachelor has been so boring I gave up on it after Rachel and Nick went on a date in New Orleans. But still, like somebody chained to the franchise, I tuned in last night to see who Nick Viall would try and make it work with.

Admittedly, the lucky lady of the hour Vanessa made such a non-impression on me I can’t even remember seeing her on TV, but I have to admit, their engagement photos are surprisingly not annoying.

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Engagement photos tend to bring out the worst in people.

Even your relatively chill friend who rarely even stoops to the level of Instagram PDA will get overtaken by the cliche spirit as she starts posting pictures of her and her husband-to-be holding a tied knot between them or kneeling on a picnic in the great Photoshopped outdoors, making goo-goo-eyeballs at each other.

It’s just an unspoken initiation ritual that all engaged couples take the most staged, embarrassing photos of themselves before they can settle down into domesticated bliss.

But not Nick Viall and Jessica whatever her last name is.

For a couple whose whole relationship up to this point has been completely staged, their engagement photos were refreshing down to earth.

Just two goofballs mugging for a set of selfies in the bathroom.

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It’s not that engaged couples aren’t entitled to share their happiness with the world and look their most beautiful selves at the same time, but engaged couples of the world take note: when it comes to engagement photos, sometimes less is more.

Hire a professional photographer, get your makeup done, make sure your future hubbie doesn’t wear his Hollister t-shirt. But for the sake of everybody you’re friends with, keep the Pinterest romance nonsense to a minimum.

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