12 Excuses Your Married Friend Will Use to Re-Post Her Wedding Pics This Year

Listen, we all love weddings and we’re all happy for our married friends.

But did you ever notice that once a friend of yours gets married, her wedding photos start clogging your social feeds not just after the wedding, but for an entire year or more?

It seems new brides are getting more creative by the day when it comes to excuses for re-posting their wedding pics. It’s like your married friend is staring at the calendar waiting for any excuse to trot out her grip-and-grin wedding portraits and watch the “likes” roll in.

So with that in mind, we’ve assembled a handy list of excuses your married friend will use to plaster her wedding photos all over Facebook again and again over the next year. Get ready.


“This St. Patrick’s Day, I feel so #lucky to have found my soul mate <3 #blessed here is a pic of us on our wedding day, finding him was like finding a four leaf clover [9 green emojis that have nothing to do with each other]”


“Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ has come again [cross emoji] I don’t need to hunt for candy inside Easter eggs when I’m married to the sweetest hubs around <3 <3 <3 thank you Easter bunny for putting him in my basket [crying laughing emoji] here is a pic of us on our wedding day leaving room for the holy spirit!”


“Good thing I’m not Jewish bc I could never PASS OVER my hubs <3 this pic of us from our wedding day is beyond kosher LOL #blessed”


“Happy Arbor Day! Reflecting on how my love 4 my hubby is literally a tree: the roots go so far underground & deep, the trunk is sturdy! & we are always growing a new branch every day w our love <3 this pic of us on our wedding day!”


“Wow, can’t believe it’s already Cinco de Mayo! a.k.a. cinco de drinko LOL me & hubby got soooo tipsy on our wedding day — remember this pic babe? <3 you! [martini glass emoji] [beer emoji] [Spanish — not Mexican — flag emoji]”


Independence Day is one of the best day of the year but sometimes when u meet ur soul mate u realize independence is not all it’s cracked up 2 b [crying laughing emoji] love u babe so happy we live in the land of the free & home of the brave! love this pic of us on our wedding day”


Labor Day is here! proud 2 announce that 1 day I will be in labor with a bb from me & hubs! Not yet, but some day~~~ & that’s what Labor Day is all about [heart emoji] love this pic of our wedding day”


Happy Birthday to my big sister! thank you so much for being my maid of honor [crying laughing emoji] i have looked up 2 u forever since ur older than me! so crazy that i got married earlier than u tho! who thought that would happen! love this pic from my wedding day of us <3 sry ur eyes are closed! LOL”


“Happy Halloween everyone 🙂 Here is a pic of me and my BOO [ghost emoji] on our wedding day! there is nothing #scary about our life 2gether babe”


“On this solemn day of thanx I have 2 thank god and the universe for my hubs <3 and for the retouching/Photoshop that allowed our wedding photos 2 b so beautiful <3 <3 <3 Happy Thanksgiving everyone”


“Merry Christmas to all and 2 all a good night <3 santa can u hear me? Obviously u already did, bc I’m married to my soul mate!!!! Best gift EVER! Here is a pic of us celebrating our wedding <3″


“Wow I NEVER thought this day would come [raised hands emoji] happy engagement to my sister!! now I get to be YOUR maid of honor <3 here is a pic of us at my wedding, still can’t believe it happened 2 years before yours <3<3<3 hope the engagement works out! u deserve the world sry ur eyes are closed in this pic of us on my wedding day LOL”

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