At Least Half Your Friends Are Lying About Working Out

It’s super trendy to be workin’ on your fitness like Fergie these days.

Whether they’re rocking Nike sneakers, lugging a yoga mat around, or posting about their obsession with SoulCycle, it seems like everyone is suddenly an aspiring personal trainer or bodybuilder.

But do you ever feel like there’s no way all your friends are as fit-tastic as they claim to be? Or did you ever wonder how much time all the people posting workout selfies on social media actually spent working out?

Well, it turns out that almost half of your friends are lying about going to the gym, according to a recent study.

48% of people aged 18-24 lie to their friends about going to the gym, says a survey taken by the UK’s Be a Better You program.

LOL, that’s literally almost half of all young people surveyed. We don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

On one hand, you can stop feeling bad about yourself for eating peanut butter and watching an entire season of Narcos while your roomie “goes to the gym.” On the other hand, why the f do we care so much about what other people think that we legit have to lie about working out?

Either way, the secrets out, so always take it with a grain of salt when your boo tells you he’s going to go “get swole.” Maybe this explains how he manages to go to the gym every day and still have a beer belly?

Sure, this survey only included British people, but if British peeps are lying about going to the gym, you know that Americans are doing it too.

Also, a third of the survey respondents admitted to wasting money on their gym membership, so if this is you, drop the membership. You don’t need to pay each month just to lie to your friends about going to the gym after class when in reality you just wanted to wear yoga pants all day.

If you want to go to the gym every damn day, do you. If you want to nap and watch Netflix instead, do that. There’s really no reason to BS about whether you to the gym or not, you’re better than that. As for your boo who keeps saying he’s going to the gym but comes home without an ounce of sweat on him? Just tell him you want to workout together next time and watch the color drain from his face!

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