How To Get Your Boyfriend’s Beach Bod Ready By Summertime

While women are under constant pressure to maintain a socially acceptable bikini body, plenty of dudes will ignore the calories-in-calories-out equation and get a little doughy around the middle come summertime.

While you munch away on salads and spend an hour on the elliptical, he’s ordering in Chinese food and playing video games. This isn’t necessarily a problem, until you realize that you’re going to want to take cute beach Instagrams this summer and you’d rather do it next to a guy that looks like Zac Efron rather than Jonah Hill during his Superbad era.

Plus, guys have body image issues too. If your boyfriend starts acting awkward any time you suggest an activity that involves shirtlessness, chances are he’s feeling bad about himself. And unless he’s one of those evolved NPR types, he’s not going to confide in you about it — he’s just gonna act cranky and try to starve himself with no rhyme or reason.

The point is everyone wants a healthy and happy bae, and a six pack certainly wouldn’t be a downside to that. But, how can you make sure your guy’s being healthy without hurting his feelings or bruising his fragile ego? Trust us, if Blac Chyna can transform Rob Kardashian, you can work some magic too.

Take Advantage Of His Testosterone

If your dude already works out, you can help him have a better workout by tagging along (if he’s into it, that is). While you probably shouldn’t tell him “you’d be sexier if you had a six pack,” you can definitely tell him that you think it’s sexy watching him work out.

If your boyfriend is like most guys, this will make him want to work out all the fucking time. But seriously, even if you’re just saying that to try to get him to the gym, it can be pretty sexy watching your guy get all sweaty and watching his muscles expand. If he starts realizing that you’re feeling extra frisky after his sweat seshes, he’ll be looking like Chris Pratt in no time.

Sneak Healthy Shit Into His Food

As much as you love the fact that your man always has Cheetos under his bed and that he’s always down to order pizza after a night out, you need to realize that what you see as treats might just be everyday things for him. Instead of having him share his junk food with you, try sharing your healthy diet with him.

If you like cooking your boo dinner as a treat, try to cook him something sneakily healthy instead of his favorite dish. If it’s something he’d be into, you should suggest cooking together. You’ll have so much fun playing around in the kitchen that he may not even realize that you’re using gluten free pasta and sneaking avocado into the chocolate mousse.

Another easy thing to do would be to try to force breakfast into his mouth in the mornings. Guys are always DTF in the morning, but they’re not always down to grab breakfast. If you wake him up with something in the morning (can be simple, like eggs or toast) you may be able to change his habits and hopefully deter him from consuming an entire Taco Bell box for lunch.

Plan “Dates” With A Fitness Aspect

Anything is more fun when you get to do it with your man, that’s probably why you’re with him in the first place. There are so many physical activities you two can do together (besides sex) that won’t even feel like working out.

Sure, you could invite him to the gym with you and play personal trainer, but if that seems to emasculating for him, you guys can always do something less intense that will have equal benefits for his blubber. Even if neither of you are super athletic, there are lots of activities that you can do without embarrassing yourself. Try playing tennis, basketball, or taking a walk/run together. Also, try checking out some classes around you that neither of you have tried before so that he won’t feel like you’re showing him up. If you promise him some sweaty sex after a hot yoga session, I’m sure you can coerce him to get off his ass and do some downward facing dog.

Make It a Competition

Guys are naturally super competitive, so if you really want him to have motivation to run four miles everyday or to do a two minute plank, you may want to make it into a game. Depending on what type of workout you two prefer, try making a bet over the results. For example, whoever loses your game of one on one soccer has to post a sappy Instagram post about the other one. Or, whoever orders take-out first while trying to eat healthy has to be the sexual slave of the other for a night. Even if the stakes aren’t very high, your guy will likely want to win simply for the bragging rights.

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