5 Last Minute Ways to Prepare For Bikini Season

Just like our Game of Thrones brethren, we all live in anticipation of one dreaded season whose arrival brings about the start of a new era for us all: bikini season.

While some people are like Jon Snow, hyper-vigilant of bikini season’s arrival, some of us are a little more lax about our preparation. But honestly, unless you’re a professional model, or just super into fitness, life’s too short to live and die by bikini season — plus, there’s just too many good pizzerias that deliver to your apartment on Seamless.

While you may not find yourself in Sports Illustrated ready shape at the last minute, here are 5 beauty tips to get yourself ready for your next public swimsuit appearance.

1. Set Aside Time To De-Hair Yourself

It’s no secret that bikinis are all about skin, so if you wanna stun, that’s where you gotta start.

Now, we all know what happens when we rush: billions of baby bumps all up in our swimsuit line. Not a cute look and completely preventable.

Before you start shaving, run yourself a hot ass shower so your hair will get softer a.k.a. easier to remove.  Next, use a gentle body scrub to exfoliate and then load up on moisturizing cream before you take a fresh razor to de-hair yourself.

If you missed a spot, don’t worry. Re-apply your moisturizing cream and go for it.

Bam! Flawlessly shaved skin.

2. Go On A Quick ‘No Bloat’ Diet

Bloating is obviously the worst, and unless it’s your time of the month, it’s easily avoidable.

As soon as you get the call from your friend asking you if you want to go to the beach tomorrow, avoid the following things like they’re a cashmere sweater in the summertime: sodium, carbohydrates, and alcohol. We know, we’re sorry about that last one too, but if it was that easy to look good, everybody would be supermodels.

3. Drink Lots Of Water

Hydration is the keyword in bikini nation.

Flushing yourself out with water makes your skin glow, keeps your metabolism working like it just snorted a line of coke, and even helps combat water retention since the more you drink, obviously the more fluids you’ll have to release. Plus it’ll help fill you up/avoid getting too lightheaded on the sunniest of beach days.

4. Do a Quick Workout

Yeah, we know, nobody wants to workout ever, but all of the sexy swimsuit models seem to be in agreement about this one.

While a quick workout isn’t going to dramatically redefine your physique, it will make your muscles pop, give you a rush of endorphins and probably a little much-needed boost of confidence. Plus it’s just like letting your metabolism take a second bump of cocaine.

5. Just Own It

We hear over and over again that confidence is sexy, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to keep being reminded of that. Unless you’re Beyonce (in which case I just want to take aside a moment and tell you what a BIG fan I am of your work), none of us are ***flawless.

So what? Just go out there and own your body and before you know it, you’ll be having too much fun to get too caught up in insecurities.

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