5 Ways We Feel After Watching Game of Thrones Episode 3


1. Do We Want to Sit On The Iron Throne?

We are totally torn… I mean okay, that shit looks uncomfortable as hell. BUT how badass would we look perched atop a throne made of swords? I can picture it now… “the throne of broken hearts of boys”…. maybe in our own spin-off version?

2. Where Was All The Sex?

We know it’s not “Sex and the City,” but we usually can count on G.O.T. for some steamy moments… we missed out this week for sure. Oh well, no shame in going on PornHub after (maybe with fantasies of Jaime and Ned?)

3. But At Least We Saw Some Titties

We love to spend our Sunday nights watching topless prostitutes be snapped away by Littlefinger.

4. The Kingdom Has Problems Just Like We Do 

Maybe the kingdom in G.O.T. can talk with Obama about how to fix that teeny weeny debt problem they have?

5. Arya Is Just Like Us After a Break Up

Because we all want to go around stabbing kitchen tables with big knives and pretending it’s our ex-boo’s face

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