Hallelujah, Fergie Is Back Spelling Words Over a Beat Again

We’ve been hearing rumors of a Fergie revival for weeks now and this morning Fergie dropped her first single in 8 years, which is already being called the song of the summer by literally one news outlet.

Honestly, we’re inclined to agree for three reasons.

#1: The song is called “M.I.L.F. $,” which FYI, is pronounced MILF – money
#2: It’s classic Fergie, which means it’s so bad that after five seconds of hearing it, you’re already obsessed.
#3: Most of the other songs that have been released this summer are really boring

For example, take this sample lyric from the first verse:

“Heard you in the mood for a little M.I.L.F. shake / welcome to the diary duchess love factory / I can whip it up, mix you up straight away / comin in the front door, leavin at the back door / flip it, whip it, haiiiiii.”

Pure poetry.

And unlike Gwen Stefani, whose recent comeback album was a little too grown up to still be fun, Fergie’s not afraid to go back to her mid-2000s roots, and spend a signifigant amount of time spelling words over a beat.

“ Cause we i – n – d – e – p – e – n – d – e – n – t / do you know what that means? / can’t see me b – r – o – k – e / I’m p – a – i – d.”

Three very important words to know how to spell, amiright?

Welcome back, Fergie.

You’ve been m – i – s – s – e -d.

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