Ariana Grande Did the J. Law Impression We’ve All Been Waiting For

We all love J. Law, but sometimes her everywoman shtick starts to feel a little too much like a shtick.

It’s like, how many times can you “accidentally” trip at awards shows? So it was great to see Ariana Grande, who’s been more and more likable since the donut-licking incident of 2015, gently mock J. Law’s persona with an impression on Saturday Night Live this weekend.

The impression was part of a sketch called “Celebrity Family Feud.” As a whole, the skit sadly paled in comparison to the genius that was “Celebrity Jeopardy” back in the day.

But Ariana’s impression was spot on and hilarious. It reminds us of hot girls everywhere who are a little too desperate to seem normal. Because J. Law, you’re a glamazon whose entire life is sponsored by Dior, and you won an Oscar at 23. You’re not normal! And that’s okay.

Watch Ari do her best J. Law below. Now we’re just waiting for Jennifer, hilarious good sport that she is, to come back with an equally spot-on take on Ariana.

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