Ariana Grande Is Having A Britney Spears Moment

Ariana Grande is a sexy baby.  This is a fact.  We’ve talked about it, Jezebel has talked about it, and the fact that the entire world has yet to start talking about it is a travesty.

While initially I’ll admit that I had some reservations about the sexualization of Ariana Grande’s image (namely, that I thought it was some PR move that went against everything the pint-sized singer stood for), now I’m pretty open to it.  After a year of mini skirts, Big Sean and donut licking, it’s clear that Ariana Grande isn’t the squeaky clean Disney star we thought she was.  I mean, just look at the GIFs her website is proudly displaying, and inviting you to download/share.



Now that’s sexy.

Anyway, even though today belongs to Justin Bieber, One Direction and Miley Cyrus, tomorrow belongs to Ariana Grande.  She’s got a new album on the way that’s already breaking Billboard records, she’s ditched her tired ponytail for something blonde, and she’s already launched her debut fragrance entitled ‘Ari.’

Basically, Ariana Grande is ready to be considered pop royalty, and she’s dressing to prove it.  

At the official launch of ‘Ari’, Grande gave us her best Britney Spears, rocking a red leather mini dress that was giving us “…Oops I Did It Again” vibes:


Getty Images

And in the official music video for her fragrance, she’s channeling Carrie Bradshaw meets Breakfast In Tiffany’s:


Time will tell which look will sell more perfume bottles, but we’re digging the throwback looks, Ariana.  Keep it up.

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