Alexa Chung Is the Latest Cool Person Asking You to Buy Uggs

Uggs are either back or they never left, depending on your stance on laundry day footwear.

And Alexa Chung is the latest in a long line of cool rich people who want you — yes, you! — to dust off your middle school footwear and put it back into your daily rotation.

Like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kendall and Kylie (and also Hailey Baldwin!) before her, Alexa has joined the ranks of paid Ugg wearers. She recently art-directed an ad campaign for the brand, which shows a bunch of her cool downtown-y friends lounging around their cool downtown-y apartments in Uggs.

She gave Vogue an exclusive interview about the oft-derided sheepskin boots.

“I wear Uggs pretty much every day in my house in London and also when I’m in New York,” she claimed. “My uniform is jeans, a navy jumper, and the classic short boot.”


Alexa went on to say that she got her first pair before they were a worldwide phenom — which is what we all claim, isn’t it? She also confessed that she didn’t understand the concept of day-to-night dressing until recently because she couldn’t grasp why people don’t just go home early to change before going out for the night (answer: because people have jobs).

Anyway, we’re not here to hate on Alexa Chung’s choice to promote Uggs. In fact, we are very here for the comeback. Uggs are not only comfy as fuck, but also dovetail perfectly with the current craze for low-maintenance minimalism in clothing and makeup. They definitely, definitely give off an IDGAF vibe.

Plus, sales numbers show that they actually never technically went away — Uggs are practically a staple at this point. Which makes them super basic, but also maybe acceptable?

Ugh, we’re torn. But it is freshly freezing cold in NYC, so don’t be shocked if you see Uggs popping up on the feet of otherwise cool people. Just don’t expect us to brag about wearing them on IG or Snapchat. Yet.


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